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Your Perfect Picnic

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There’s just something special about eating outdoors. Even if the sun makes your sandwiches a little soggy and ants threaten to invade, everyone seems to love a picnic. As the weather warms up, we’re getting our picnic on in big bad New York City! Here are a few tips to make the occasion just right!

  1. The Guests

A picnic can act as a romantic date, a family gathering, or a reunion with pals. Think outside the box when it comes to planning a picnic; it might be right for an occasion you never expected! Having a casual business meeting? Meet in the park for lunch… just swap a blanket for a bench if you need to take notes and get down to business.

  1. The Spot

A picnic, by definition, is an outing that involves taking a packed meal to be eaten outdoors. The sky’s the limit here. If you want to stay close to home, try a balcony or backyard picnic (OK, backyard might apply more to those not living in NYC…). Otherwise, a nearby park makes the perfect picnic spot. So does a beach, a riverbank, a field, or whatever you can get your hands (and picnic blankets) on!

Paraiso Adventures Picnic Food

  1. The Menu

We recommend being creative, but keeping it simple. Always keep in mind that you’ll need to serve food to people sitting on the ground and deal with transporting dishes and all serving utensils. This is where finger foods really come in handy. There are TONS of picnic-inspired recipes online, and you can have a lot of fun with the food you bring. Make sure it’s packable, not too heavy, and- of course- delicious. If you’re picnicking with a group, make it a potluck!

  1. The Rules

There’s nothing worse than a busted picnic. Make sure you don’t accidentally pick a spot that is private property, a protected natural space, or somewhere where animals tend to roam…..

Also, if you plan on packing a bottle of bubbly in your basket, be sure to check the local bylaws about outdoor alcohol consumption before your picnic lands you a ticket!

We’re determined to throw the perfect picnic. We’ll keep you in the loop as we navigate the glorious world of outdoor dining! Cheers and happy Sunday.

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