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Your Pack-Smart Guide to Carry-On Travel

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Traveling can be challenging, and bringing along a ton of baggage just makes things worse. Having to wait for an extra hour or more to get your luggage when you just want to get to the hotel or home is bad–losing your luggage is even worse–paying baggage fees is the worst! The easiest way to avoid this is to bring a carry-on, but sometimes that just seems like an impossible task. How can you pack for a full trip with just one small suitcase? Well, we’ve found some tips!


  • Know the rules! Airlines have different rules about carry-ons, and they also vary by whether you’re flying internationally. So double check what you should be bringing!
  • Measure your bag correctly: Measure the entire height and width, and don’t forget to measure the wheels and handle! Most airlines will let you on with a bag up to 22 inches.
  • Wheels or no wheels? Wheels can add 2 or 3 pounds to the suitcase, which you may not want! Plus, a backpack or a duffel bag can be easier once you’re off the plane.
  • Liquids: Only take the liquids you really need. Men can switch out their shaving goods for shaving oil; women can take fewer cosmetics; and, usually, everyone can skip taking shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel..
  • Limit your wardrobe: Bring one outfit for several occasions, or one piece that can be used in several outfits. For underclothes, use ziploc bags so you can squeeze out the extra air!
  • Bring one pair of shoes, and wear a heavier pair on the plane. And make sure they’re comfortable, so you don’t regret the pair you choose!
  • Pack smart: Put heavier things on the bottom and smaller things into shoes to use up all the space you can. Rolling clothes saves space, and rolling a few shirts together can help prevent wrinkles.
  • Do laundry: You can wash small things in the sink with a little bit of dry laundry detergent. And paying for a load of laundry, or for the hotel to wash a few items, is still cheaper than paying the luggage fee!
  • Avoid extras: You probably won’t need that light sweater AND the heavy cardigan, and you can probably skip a jacket if you’re going somewhere warm. Worst comes to worst, you can usually go shopping!
  • Bring fewer electronics: If you aren’t going to be doing work, you can probably skip bringing your laptop in favor of just your phone, or maybe a tablet. This frees up space and weight!
  • Make a packing list: That way, you can make sure that everything you bring is necessary, and that you don’t forget the belt you need for your suit, or end up with a skirt and no shirt to match it with!


Traveling light makes your entire travel experience faster, easier, and less of a hassle. For more specific suggestions, try!

How do you limit your luggage? And practice your packing skills by joining us on one of our upcoming retreats!


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