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Why Put Europe in your Travel Plans this Spring

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Travel is the only thing on ones mind when there is good weather. What flight can we catch to the next best place? We pick Europe!

Now is a great time to travel to all the cities in Europe we once considered a luxury. It’s possible to finally snag an affordable flight! Round-trip flights under $400 are available if you do your research right (,, and more). The earlier in the summer you travel, the cheaper the flights. If that doesn’t work for you then the end of summer is affordable also. By avoiding peak travel times you’ll beat the price surges AND the crowds… a win-win!

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The Euro is currently trading at just $1.13, near the lowest rate in 12 years. It’s the perfect time for a budget-friendly trip. Travelers will find great hotel rates in Dublin, London, Paris, and Rome this season! If you’re feeling adventurous, consider going off the traditional path to find the best deal. Rental cars and train prices are also cheaper and easier to reserve. It’ll get you to several cities without breaking the bank.

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Health is also a priority when traveling abroad and Europe is staying healthy and happy so don’t miss out. If the low prices haven’t got you packing your bag already then the wonderful weather definitely will. The air is crisp, vegetables are fresh, and flowers are blooming. …What are you waiting for?

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