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Travel Tuesday: Hamptons Harvest Party Weekend

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We are keeping the action local this fall with the exciting new launch of an all-time favorite American destination — The Hamptons. The Hamptons are a part of New York everyone should visit to experience authentic Northeastern culture. Plus, it’s a location so unique and glamorous many people only see it in movies or magazines. But at Paraiso, we’re ready to change that. We want to see YOU in the Hamptons ASAP! Many of you may be thinking, “Hey! Isn’t summer over?” While the traditional beach season is approaching an end, we think the fun is just beginning! The Hamptons are absolutely beautiful in the fall, with mild temperatures and plenty to do — think apple orchards, vineyards, and hiking grounds!

Fabulous East Hampton is the captivating setting for our exclusive Hamptons Harvest Party this October. Our chic abode for this three day getaway boasts eight lovely appointed suites, sits on 1.5 acres of pure rustic elegance.  The retreat is near both the beach and the village, and you better believe we are ready to explore!

Need a quick rundown of the festivities? To prep your palette for paradise, our Hamptons will feature an abundance of autumn favorites to really settle the mind and body into the changing seasons, as with all of our retreats, we feature a private chef with a full harvest-to-table menu, wine tasting, apple picking, light hiking, a cooking class featuring seasonal favorites, plus all the (dairy-free) whipped cream and (organic) cherries on top you could possibly imagine!

Don’t forget we’ll have a double dose of  Yoga Fusion lead by the one and only Rachel Nicks daily. Rachel is just as pumped for the harvest retreat as we are! Check out what she’s most excited about below:

I’m thrilled to be able to host a local retreat. Many of us have such dynamic schedules it is hard for us to get away internationally for a week so I am happy to be able to offer this local get away. Fresh local food. A great workout. Delicious Wine. Outdoor Adventures. Rest. A great time at a spectacular property just a few hours from home.I am looking forward to hosting guests that have been unable to attend my retreats in Italy and Costa Rica. This retreat is a great way to give my students a taste of Paraiso Adventures. My plan is to host this local Hampton’s retreat throughout the year, even during Winter. It is so important to stay charged with positive energy and focused on your goals physical and emotional throughout the year.  It is so exciting for me to provide peace and tranquility for my guests and watch them grow. I provide a dynamic class. I am trained in yoga and core fusion barre so I utilize my different skill sets while I teach. I teach what I like to call yoga fusion. I am a big supporter of a strong core and toned butt. You will leave feeling longer and tighter. I am hands on. I participate in the entire retreat. It is essential that each one of my guests have a transformative experience. -Rachel Nicks

It is our wish that guests on this holiday discover a pleasantly relaxing sanctuary, experience a new perspective of New York travel, just a quick 2.5 hours away from the city, and to disconnect from the daily grind with great friends, food and adventure! While our first retreat will be a private event, you can click HERE to put your name in for early reservations on future retreats in The Hamptons with Rachel Nicks winter and spring 2015! Peaceful and warm image of a open book by fireplace.



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