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Travel Planning: Selecting “The One”

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It’s decision making time in the world of corporate retreat planning. We’ve run you through how we get to know the ins and outs of your company first, and how we present options based on what YOU want and need; now it’s time to start making decisions!

When we work with companies to create travel experiences, we like to pinpoint a moment in the process we call “selecting The One”. However, “The One” always comes with a caveat. Instead, we think of it as “The One” (For Now). This is the point in the planning process where we understand the objectives of a company well enough that they are ready to make some very exciting decisions . In selecting “The One”, a company is ready to latch on to some characteristic of their trip. This doesn’t mean all the details are ready to go, but it does mean something very important for both Paraiso and our guest.

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Selecting “The One” means that a company is ready to lay the foundations of their trip. It means that we can share a travel vision, and begin planning from a place of oriented intention. Perhaps a company’s sense of “The One” is fairly specific: “we will travel to Barbados at the end of January and spend a long weekend with the trading team”. Or, perhaps the vision is blurry yet: “we will have this trip as an opportunity for team bonding in a place far (physically and emotionally!) from the office to encourage camaraderie and positivity in our work team”. Both of these visions are a critical stepping stone in creating the perfect experience for our corporate teams. Once you’ve selected “The One (For Now)”, we’re already on our way to making it happen. Stay tuned!

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