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How to Get That Work Travel Balance

Blending traveling and work is becoming more and more accessible. There are a lot of companies that now coordinate “remote years” or things like study abroad for young professionals instead of university students. Some companies are paying people to travel and work for them, documenting the world with photo and video and sharing with the […]

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The Climate, Flora & Fauna of Myanmar

Myanmar has an absolutely amazing flora, with about 7000 plant species, that varies by geographical area, of which 1071 are endemic. About 43% of Myanmar’s total land area is under closed forests and another 30% under woodland. The forests of Myanmar are highly diverse and they go from the scrubby and thorny vegetation of central […]

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The Archaeological Zone of Bagan, Myanmar

When my mom and I arrived to Bagan, we were taken back by the quiet, peaceful vibes. The breathtaking beauty of the area aside, we felt inspired to explore. That kind of feeling when you just want to throw on the sneakers and roam. I would like to immediately advise anyone traveling to this area wear sun […]

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5 Fun Facts on Myanmar

My mom and I recently traveled to Myanmar for an adventure of a lifetime, a story my mom and I have named “My Mom & Me in Myanmar.” My mom had previously visited when the country was called Burma, about 35 years ago, always wanting to return. Myanmar has been high on my list since it’s travel boom a […]

5 Style Tips for Long Flights

Passport, check! Flights, yup! Amazing itinerary, always! Carry-on suitcase packed for your adventure, done! The only thing that’s missing is the perfect travel outfit. For some reason or another, many people become nervous before long flights. In my opinion, a lot of this anxiety boils down to discomfort. If you’re relaxed and comfortable, odds are […]

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Charcoal – Trendy Mocktail & Travel Essential

I’ve always loved street food, and this is can present challenges at times. From beach ceviche in Mexico to night market curries in Myanmar. I managed to not get sick and I owe it all to probiotics and charcoal. This is why I decided to share my tips and tricks about how to keep healthy […]

7 Essential Pre Travel Tips

I’m off on another adventure, this time with my mom in tow. We are headed to SE Asia, specifically Myanmar with a few nights in Bangkok on either side. Myanmar has been a travel hot spot for the last few years since opening their borders to tourists and we are super excited to see the […]

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Winter Travel Trouble Shooting

It’s all in the attitude, right? Well when it comes to winter travel delays that can be a challenging hurdle, but really staying calm and getting resourceful when flights are funky can save the day. I attempted to go to Seattle a couple times last week, and I never made it. It wasn’t a work […]

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Om for the Holidays

Everyone needs a little break from time to time, especially during the busy holiday season. I have a few tips that help me maintain my zen when I loose my grounding. Especially the inevitable holiday travel chaos that is bound to greet most of us at the airport this time of year. Kick the caffeine! For […]

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Airfares are Hot Hot Hot!

Calling all adventurers! Many of my friends and family call on me for inside scoop on travel trends, I must say, searching flights is one of my favorite pastimes. I stand strongly by my motto, that if I see a good flight, with the perfect schedule and steal of a deal, it must be purchased. […]

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