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Bequia’s Best

Welcome to Bequia, a charming and beautiful island in the South Caribbean. In case you haven’t heard, this island is an absolute dream of a location. We are so excited about this stunning Caribbean gem, and could not be more elated to add Bequia to our roster! Here are the basics; study up! Name: Bequia […]

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The Best Phone Plans for Travelers

Traveling is a wonderful experience. We’re probably biased, but traveling is literally what we live for, and we think it is endlessly beneficial and positive. However, travel comes with its own host of gritty logistics that we’d love to ignore but which unfortunately are just part of the process. One such logistic is navigating the […]

5 Travel Tips for using your Iphone Abroad

In this world there´s two kind of people. Those who can live without their phones, and those who can´t. I´m definitely in group # 2. And though I try to think I can deal with the fact of a phoneless life, truth is I panic if I feel, even if it´s for a second, I […]

How to Survive Layovers

It´s way different to be a travel lover from North America, or anywhere in Europe, than to be a wanderlust soul from the very southern end of Latin America. When you´re from Chile, a 10 hours flight becomes just routine if you´re an on- the go girl. Getting to know Mickey Mouse was a 10 […]

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Packing for Paradise: The Costa Rica Edition

Our Costa Rica retreats are just around the corner! Starting the New Year off right, Christine Chen will be leading a group of approximately 10 guests on a seven day journey of yoga and adventure bliss January 31 – February 6. After that, it’s double the fun President’s weekend (Feb 11-16) with Caprice and Ikaika. This […]

Portugal ‘Handy’ Tips

Planning a trip can be one of the most fun ways to get busy. Searching hotels, scheduling flights, googling the weather, begging for nice and warm days. Then, packing is another story, and the airport situation is an issue by itself. At Paraiso we take care of every tiny detail, to make your experience a memorable one, […]

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Probiotics: Your Best Travel Buddy

When stomach issues arise, reaching for the probiotic yogurt is typically recommended. Not just any yogurt. Probiotic yogurt. The magical ingredient moms often told us about when we were kids,  a living (good) bacteria that would help balance our digestive system. A specific kind of yogurt meant to nourish us well and protect us wisely. As grown […]

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When to Book your Airfare and Other Fun {TRAVEL HACKS}

Our founder, Nina Ornstein, spends a lot of time travelling, so you would think she’d have it down to a science. But when she visited the NY Times Travel Show, she learned some great “travel hacks” to help make flying more reasonable. The Travel Show featured the Frommers as keynote speakers. The Frommers might sound […]

Travel Tuesday: Stylish Packing Pointers

Let’s be honest…When it comes to fashion, some of us are blessed with a little more natural ability than others. Sad, but true. Unfortunately, we do not always fall into the most talented camp. But fear not — we’ve enlisted help! Enter Gwen (at right), a friend of our founder, Nina, who always looks effortlessly chic and glamorous on-the-go. […]

Weekend Round Up: Packing Savvy

There is something so satisfying about sifting through someone’s travel bag. The items packed lend great insight into that person’s life, preferences, and maybe even some of their tricks! Today, I’m going to let you peak inside my bag and share my go-to travel essentials. With these items on hand, I feel prepared for whatever may […]

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