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The Best Sports Bras

As a woman, Bras have always been such a huge issue for me. It´s not that I have huge boobs, but I´ve been pretty much same size since I´m 13, and having a 34C since then plus a narrow back and not being tall at all , well yes, my breasts are something I definitely […]

Top Ten Reasons To SUP!

For the lucky readers and friends of Paraiso, that have the opportunity of carrying out their daily duties with an ocean view – because by destiny or option their lives happens near the coast – then I have more lucky news. The benefits of living with the sound of the waves or the inspiring sunset/sunrise […]


Sunday Quick Fix to Cinch your Waist

The weekend is a time for you to unwind, spend quality time with loved ones and most of all, put at least a little TLC into yourself! The weekend can also fly by and getting a workout in can be easier said than done. This quick stretching and strengthening move by Valerie Raby can really […]

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