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Rachel Nicks Pigeon Pose

Yoga for Your Back

Feeling some soreness in your back? That’s what got Christine Chen, one of our favorite instructors, hooked on yoga in the first place! So we decided to focus on a few yoga poses that can really help you release some of that pain and stress from your back. Yoga has been shown to be a […]

Wine Tasting with Paraiso Adventures at Moraitis Winery, Paros, Greece

Red Wines of Paros

We love drinking good wine! And the first step to drinking good wine is tasting different types, from different regions of the world. Since we know Greece is one of the oldest wine producing regions of the world, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try some fine wine while we were in Paros, Greece, […]

Kolymbithres Beach

Catching Some Rays at Kolymbithres

Greece is known for having some of the world’s most incredible beaches. But in a country with a beach on every corner, how do you know that the beach you’re going to is the best beach you could visit? If you’re on the island of Paros, you really can’t go wrong at all. But our […]

Greek Flag Over the Sea

Paraiso on a Boat

Greece is an amazing place to visit, and you’re not the only one who knows it. The beaches might be beautiful, but they’re also crowded and full of other tourists. So how do you get the beauty of Greece without the other tourists? Take a boat tour out to the Blue Lagoon, some hidden swim areas, […]

Rachel Nicks in Women's Health Mag

Rachel Nicks Does It All

One of the things that makes our retreats so special are the incredible teachers we work with to bring you the best possible experience. This week, we’re catching up with Rachel Nicks, who’ll be hosting our getaway to Paros, Greece, September 13-19! Rachel Nicks is an actress, yoga teacher, barre instructor, acting teacher, certified doula, […]

Paraiso Adventures Aegean Sea Cyclade Isalnds Greece Paros Greek Wellness Luxury Travel

Adventures in the Aegean Sea

Greece is known for having some incredibly beautiful beaches. This means clear, blue waters that are warm and pleasant to swim in. One of Greece’s seas, the Aegean Sea, is not only an amazing place to relax, but is also incredibly interesting. There are several possible explanations for the name, the Aegean Sea. It might […]

Drinking Wine in Paros, Greece with Paraiso Adventures

Cheers to the Finest Greek Wines!

There are many things we think of when we hear Greece–white marble columns, tan beaches, blue oceans, clifftop towns. Wine usually isn’t on the list of automatic thoughts relating to Greece. But it should be. Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, with wine production dating back at least 6,500 years, […]

Let’s get to the CORE

Rachel Nicks is at it again, showing her audience how to stay lean and strong in Fitness Magazine’s new Flex Appeal Video featuring on-the-go core exercises that sculpt, strengthen, and stretch. Rachel’s sleek physique comes from years of hard work, but maintaining her well-balanced fitness regimen is possible with routines such as these. So now that time isn’t […]

Paraiso Adventures Featured on BurnThis!

Happy weekend, Adventurers! We have some exciting news to share! Recently, Paraiso Adventures was featured on BurnThis, an amazing wellness, fitness studio, and exercise review blog. They sat down with one of our all-star instructors, Rachel, who also happens to be an Athleta Fitness Model and NYC Exhale instructor to get the inside scoop of all things […]

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