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Meet Ali, Paraiso’s Newest Retreat Specialist

The Paraiso team has been expanding in exciting ways and we are so unbelievably stoked to be working with Ali Quinn who is planning a retreat to the gorgeous Caribbean island of Bequia next winter. Ali is a native Londoner with a ton of travel under her belt, an eye for a gem of a […]

The Vast Power of the Ocean with Ikaika Regidor

We met up last week with Ikaika Regidor of Sacred Sounds yoga, who will be co-leading our February retreat in beautiful Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Ikaika shared with us his love of yoga, and his philosophy of practice. The Sacred Sounds retreat will feature yoga twice daily, on the breathtaking beaches of the Costa Rican […]

Ikaika Regidor Sacred Sounds Yoga Retreat Paraiso Adventures Costa Rica

One Class Is All It Took

We sat down with Ikaika Regidor, one of the pros behind the upcoming Sacred Sounds Yoga retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica to talk life and yoga. “One class was all it took,” asserts Ikaika, to get him absolutely hooked on the practice of yoga. Ikaika has such a deep love for yoga, and he cannot […]

NYC Yoga Party on Tuesday!

Calling all New York yogis and those interested in this thing called yoga, we are hosting a fiesta in Greenwich Village this Tuesday! Come hang out with us at Sacred Sounds Yoga this Tuesday night, the 15th of September for some necessary Candlelit Flow yoga and brief reception to follow. Paraiso’s founder, Nina Ornstein will […]

Christine Chen Jumping

Rave Reviews for Christine Chen

We’ve already told you that Nina had a great time taking Christine Chen’s yoga class. But if you’ve never done yoga with Nina (and especially if you’ve seen some photos of Nina’s yoga poses!) you might not be sure if what works for Nina will necessarily work for you. Well, that isn’t a problem. Christine […]

Wine at Sunset at Casa Marbella Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Drinking By Dosha

Generally, you wouldn’t associate yoga philosophy with drinking alcohol. While yoga philosophy often discourages alcohol, which is a contaminant and can make you less connected with your body, we also preach everything in moderation. We also believe in listening to your body above all else, so if your mind (or body) wants alcohol, that’s fine–as […]

Caprice & Ikaika Yoga Together

Double Instructors, Double Retreat Fun!

They say two heads are better than one. What about two headstands? This winter, we’ve got a double-teamed retreat scheduled for you. This retreat will be lead by Caprice Abowitt and Ikaika Regidor of Sacred Sounds Yoga. Caprice is a classical trained dancer who now focuses on teaching yoga, specializing in children’s and pre- and […]

Animals of Costa Rica: Monkey Mom and Baby

Life’s a Zoo, But Not In Costa Rica

Going to the zoo is a great way to see some wildlife and exotic animals you wouldn’t otherwise see. But there’s also something a little sad about seeing majestic creatures in small enclosures, and especially in cages, rather than in the wild where they belong. Well, Costa Rica has decided that they’ve had enough. In […]

Vibe Pilates Outdoor Yoga Class Instruction

Outdoor Yoga for National Yoga Month

Today might be the second to last day of August, but that doesn’t mean summer is totally over yet! And it definitely doesn’t mean the outdoor yoga season is over. In fact, September is National Yoga Month! You can get a pass for one free week of yoga, or check out one of their hundreds […]

Maria D'Ambrosio Yoga Ayurveda Hatha Vinyasa Yin Pura Vida Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Ancient Ayurveda, Modern Life

We at Paraiso are, of course, very into yoga. Which means we’re also very into the roots of yoga and yogic beliefs. One of these roots is the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda, which has been around since approximately 5000 BCE! Obviously, some ways of practicing Ayurveda have, by necessity, changed in the last few […]

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