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Mind Body Soul Spring Checklist

And just like that, winter is coming to a close. Not without a few more storms I’m sure, but nonetheless, it’s the first of March and we have some things to get done!  ADIOS SUGAR: All extra sugar that cant be converted to glucose and used by the body is stored in our fat. It really […]

Nina Ornstein Mexican Slow Cooker Pozole Verde Recipe Paraiso Adventures

Pozole Verde Soup

The slow cooker, as well as The Mexican Slow Cooker recipe book, are two of our favorite acquisitions in 2016. In terms of functionality and convenience, the slow cooker is right up there with the Vitamix for me. If I can have soup and smoothies readily available, I’m going to survive and save a lot […]

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Falling into Wellness

With temperatures dropping come wellness and fitness concerns. It can be difficult to stay on track in a cooler climate. Many think of summer as the ideal time to exercise outdoors, but the brisk temperatures of fall are ideal for outside workouts. Summer weather is normally too hot to stay outside while exercising. For most […]

April Produce Guide Paraiso Adventures

Your April Produce Guide

Spring has sprung and it seems vibrant, local produce becomes more and more abundant weekly. Warming temperatures and plentiful precipitation is just what fruits and veggies need to kick into high gear and bring fresh flavors straight from the farm to the table. So what’s in our reusable grocery bags this month? This farmer’s market […]

Green Geeks in Bangkok

Peeling myself away from the stunning infinity pool on the roof of the Okura, Bangkok. But I’m sure glad I did. I didn’t make it far, but I didn’t need to. This bustling, trendy area of Bangkok had all I needed within a few steps down sky walk (above the traffic i.e. not scary to […]

Back from Holidays

The “More and more and more” season has technically ended and you might feel your body suffering the consequences of the endless indulgence the past month brought. And you might be thinking as well “nah, it’s not time yet, let´s wait till 2016 to begin”. But setting up a plan it´s a great idea during […]

Bad Bacon Day: Why to Avoid Processed Meat

The replies and echo’s during this past month on the breaking news that processed meat increase your risk of cancer had been literally very diverse and with multiple tones or emphasis. Some don’t agree with this statement, some are very happy that finally it is worldwide admitted, and some others just don’t care and reply […]

Gratitude Smoothie

Show your bod some gratitude this morning with a delicious blend of tropical flavors, vitamins, minerals and fiber that will fill your belly before you feast. Papaya Passion fruit Banana Mixed greens Lemon Hemp seeds Chia seeds Cucumber Ice & water Blend and enjoy! Salud!  

Your Fall Produce Shopping List

With fall, new temperatures arrive bringing, new colors, new comforts, new trends, new sunsets, and a new routine. As with everything else in life, transitions are key. Gracefully leaving behind your warmer weather routine will help you land in an equally balanced, nutritious and active fall and winter routine. It just takes a little mindful […]

Travel Tips: Healthy in Flight Snacks

Talking about food is something Paraiso will always enjoy (almost as much as tasting, not quite). Because life is not just about travel. The big picture is about enjoying life, and all the pleasures that life itself gives to us every day. The ability to be able to see them, even when they are small […]

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