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Eat, Drink & Be Cultured in Todos Santos

With all this wedding planning I have a plethora of information to share with everyone on the Todos Santos area! Below you will find my recommendations for eating, drinking and checking out local culture. I would love nothing more than to accommodate groups in the future, plan more weddings and photo shoots in this area. […]

What Motivates Me?

Two specific characteristics exits at my core that I believe describe both Paraiso and me perfectly. And that is my passion for bringing people together and curating an enriching experience. This week is especially exciting for me because Austin and I are getting married this Saturday in my fave spot, Todos Santos. A ridiculous amount […]

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Travel Addiction #TheStruggleIsReal

It’s been almost six weeks since I’ve been on a plane. This is probably the longest I’ve gone in five years since Paraiso came to be. With my wedding coming up in October, I felt it was necessary to stay put, log some serious office hours and feel grounded. Wedding planning makes it hard to […]

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Gettin’ Sweaty in a Temazcal

What in the world is a Temazcal? A Temazcal is essentially an Aztec sauna, also known as a sweat lodge. In the Aztec language, Nahuatl, ‘temal’ means bath and ‘calli’ means house.  The circular domes made of cement were used in ancient times to purify and improve the body. Rocks are heated in the Temazcal to create […]

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Behind the Scenes in Paradise

Hey guys! It’s Nina here, sweating through a crazy hot day in NYC. My mind can’t help but wander off to my last Baja trip with The Paradise Society. So much goes into production, this what draws me to the role I play on photo shoots. I have a definite passion for aligning all the […]

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SNEAK PREVIEW! The Paradise Story, Pachamama Mexico Photo Shoot

I’m back! And what an adventure my time away has been. The Summer Solstice Paradise Society photo shoot at Pachamama, Todos Santos was a brilliant success (if I do say so myself). The general production concept was to follow a group of sophisticated bohemian travelers as they explore the gorgeous town of Todos Santos, Baja […]

Blood Orange

Baja Blood Orange Margarita

Since we’ve been spicing things up with Cinco de Mayo, I am toasting with a south of the border specialty cocktail this evening.  In honor of those gorgeous Baja sunsets that I can’t ever seem to shake from my dreams, today I am saying salud with a spicy margarita with an extra kick of Baja […]

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Baja in the Spotlight: Conde Nast Features the Baja we Know and Love

Newflash! Conde Nast Traveler featured one of our absolute favorite destinations, the home in Nina’s heart, Baja California Sur, Mexico in their February edition! We could not be happier to see gorgeous shots of Baja’s beaches, spots, and natural beauty collaged across CNTraveler‘s social platforms as they explore this perfect location. In this shot, fishing boats […]

Todos Santos Film Festival

Todos Santos in Baja California can be proud not only of it´s outstanding nature and landscape, but as we have already discussed, about his pro-active community that keeps on creating different activities that can make anyone proud. One that´s been in the spot for over 12 years is the one that Sylvia Perel created in […]

Todos Santos Music Festival

Linked to our previous post of this week, Todos Santos has much more happening, especially this season, and especially in the opinion of an all-time great; Peter Buck of REM, a real lover and fan of this Mexican Pacific peninsula. Because besides the amazing weather, the warm and hospitable community and the good actions that […]

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