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Blood Orange

Baja Blood Orange Margarita

Since we’ve been spicing things up with Cinco de Mayo, I am toasting with a south of the border specialty cocktail this evening.  In honor of those gorgeous Baja sunsets that I can’t ever seem to shake from my dreams, today I am saying salud with a spicy margarita with an extra kick of Baja […]

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The Paradise Story Styles Las Cruces

We always knew that Las Cruces boasts bravado of glamour and allure, but never has this barefoot luxury ranch been so en-vogue as when The Paradise Story took over in early April. When I proposed the idea of bringing fashion to this exclusive ranch in southern Baja, my fashion gurus didn’t know what to expect. It’s difficult to […]

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Saturday Paradise Instpiration

Paradise, by definition, a place of extreme beauty, delight or happiness. Go to your happy place. It’s right there on the horizon waiting with your adventure! Have a happy & safe weekend working on that bucket list!

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Baja in the Spotlight: Conde Nast Features the Baja we Know and Love

Newflash! Conde Nast Traveler featured one of our absolute favorite destinations, the home in Nina’s heart, Baja California Sur, Mexico in their February edition! We could not be happier to see gorgeous shots of Baja’s beaches, spots, and natural beauty collaged across CNTraveler‘s social platforms as they explore this perfect location. In this shot, fishing boats […]

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Roll Out in Paradise

In one short month from now we will be gallivanting about on the salty shores of the Rancho Las Cruces.  Southern Baja’s East Cape is a truly untouched paradise that absolutely glows this time of year. November brings slightly cooler temperatures to southern Baja, a nice break from the extreme summer heat. The area receives substantial […]

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Under the Sea (of Cortez)!

Ever wonder what’s under the clear turquoise waters off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Baja peninsula? There are some magnificent creatures that cruise beneath the sparkling surface of the Sea of Cortez, and so many ways to witness their beauty. Many enjoy snorkeling, or SCUBA, while some take advantage of the incredible visibility, peering down […]

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A Little Baja for Everyone

We love visiting Baja California Sur. It’s stunningly beautiful, and there’s so much to do. Don’t believe us? The American Travel Trade Association just spent 9 days there, getting to know this incredible region. One of their visitors was Clifton Wilkinson, who works for Lonely Planet as their Destination Editor for Mexico, and even he […]

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Making the Most of… Las Cruces!

When you go on a trip anywhere, there’s a lot of decisions to make. Sometimes you have to choose between having the time to do one thing, and having the time to do another. And sometimes it takes time to adjust and you miss out on some great experiences. Well, Nina Ornstein, our founder, does […]

Do You Yamuna

The Yarn on Yamuna

If you are is into health, yoga, and fitness as we are, you know how important your body is. It’s why we do all the work we do! But some people have an exceptional understanding of the body. Yamuna Zake, founder of Yamuna, is one of these people. Yamuna’s vision states that the most beautiful […]

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Celebrating Las Cruces!

Over the weekend of May 1, 2015, Las Cruces, club members, various friends and family gathered together to celebrate a spectacular legacy. Las Cruces exudes a very unique and luxurious lifestyle full of adventure and all things Baja Sur, Mexico. The hospitality at Las Cruces is unparalleled, the staff truly covers all of the bases, tending to every little […]

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