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Mind Body Soul Spring Checklist

And just like that, winter is coming to a close. Not without a few more storms I’m sure, but nonetheless, it’s the first of March and we have some things to get done!  ADIOS SUGAR: All extra sugar that cant be converted to glucose and used by the body is stored in our fat. It really […]

Cheers! Happy Margarita Day!

It’s Wednesday, so it’s almost the weekend, right? Weekend or not, today is officially National Margarita Day! How will you be celebrating? To ring in this very exciting holiday, we’ve gathered some fun facts on our favorite cocktail. Loved and consumed by thousands, friends and families around the world honor this sacred tequila, triple sec […]

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5 Winter Travel Deals

I’ve had a rush of inquiries these last couples weeks regarding last minute winter travel. While the first day of winter is officially tomorrow, temperatures have plummeted in most of the US, and people are looking to make moves. My top recommendations are both tropical and winter wonderland, for my adventurers who love it all.Pachamama, Todos […]

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Shake it Off (2016)

I’m just back from a really fantastic week in Todos Santos visiting my family. Many people think my trips to Baja are relaxing, but they are mistaken. In fact, sometimes I return from Baja more exhausted than a typical NYC work week. But that’s because on top of the work, there’s the house and yard […]

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Casa Natalia Boutique Hotel in San Jose del Cabo

This week’s travel focus for me is convenience. In my opinion, there is always a way to make a trip more seamless, a transition more graceful, an event more effortless. Every once in a while I come across a property that offers all of that and then some. I’ve been sending people to Casa Natalia […]

Eat, Drink & Be Cultured in Todos Santos

With all this wedding planning I have a plethora of information to share with everyone on the Todos Santos area! Below you will find my recommendations for eating, drinking and checking out local culture. I would love nothing more than to accommodate groups in the future, plan more weddings and photo shoots in this area. […]

What Motivates Me?

Two specific characteristics exits at my core that I believe describe both Paraiso and me perfectly. And that is my passion for bringing people together and curating an enriching experience. This week is especially exciting for me because Austin and I are getting married this Saturday in my fave spot, Todos Santos. A ridiculous amount […]

Mexico is So HAPPY!

Mexico really is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, boasting surfing havens in Baja to the turquoise Caribbean waters in the Yucatan region. Sometimes Mexico gets a bad rap for its northern regions, but without a doubt, most of this country is amazing and will leave you changed even after a short […]

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Mexico’s Cenotes

Cenotes, or tzonoot in Mayan, are sinkholes in limestone over underground water sources. The result are deep holes filled with clear water and lined with stalactites, stalagmites and even fossils in the limestone. The Mayans believed these water holes were a way to communicate with the gods, and they were often the place for sacrifices […]

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Travel Addiction #TheStruggleIsReal

It’s been almost six weeks since I’ve been on a plane. This is probably the longest I’ve gone in five years since Paraiso came to be. With my wedding coming up in October, I felt it was necessary to stay put, log some serious office hours and feel grounded. Wedding planning makes it hard to […]

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