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One Week in Paradise

When I decided to accept Nina’s kind invitation to be part of this yoga retreat in the wonders of Tico lands, I secretly expected to give Costa Rica a second chance in the right hands. With the knowledge of the beauty and richness of this land, I thought my week in Guanacaste back in 2012 lacked the […]

Paraiso Adventures Trini Darby Beach

This #puravidamoment brought to you by….

Hola Adventurers, There are many hands at work in crafting our trips and retreats; you might even say it takes a small village to make Paraiso work. From the hospitality goddess/creative lead/stellar #GIRLBOSS Nina Ornstein, to the many exceptional yoga teachers we have partnered with over the years, to our talented chef Lohanna, and our […]

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Costa Rica Prep List

Pack your bags; we’re en route to Costa Rica! We’re so glad to be headed back to beautiful Santa Teresa, and we’re confident the town will capture your heart just as it has ours. Here’s what you’ll need to know in preparation for your upcoming travels. What We Need from You Make sure you have contacted […]

Poolside Massage Paradise Retreat Travel SUnset

Ten Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss this Retreat

The reasons you don’t want to miss the Sacred Sounds Yoga retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica February 11-16 with Caprice and Ikaika are nearly endless, but we’ve narrowed it down to ten. Read on; you really don’t want to miss this one. 1.  Each guest will be treated to a 90-minute poolside massage. There […]

Las Cruces Baja Mexico Sunrise Sea of Cortez Paraiso Adventures Travel Retreat

Winter Travel Advisory!

Wait a second, isn’t it a little early for a winter travel advisory? Not if you’re planning ahead and want to make the most of the colder months by passing as much time as possible on a tropical beach! Paraiso Adventures is off on another exciting paradise circuit, visiting Mexico, Costa Rica, Barbados and Puerto […]

Christine Chen Jumping

Rave Reviews for Christine Chen

We’ve already told you that Nina had a great time taking Christine Chen’s yoga class. But if you’ve never done yoga with Nina (and especially if you’ve seen some photos of Nina’s yoga poses!) you might not be sure if what works for Nina will necessarily work for you. Well, that isn’t a problem. Christine […]

Caprice & Ikaika Yoga Together

Double Instructors, Double Retreat Fun!

They say two heads are better than one. What about two headstands? This winter, we’ve got a double-teamed retreat scheduled for you. This retreat will be lead by Caprice Abowitt and Ikaika Regidor of Sacred Sounds Yoga. Caprice is a classical trained dancer who now focuses on teaching yoga, specializing in children’s and pre- and […]

Animals of Costa Rica: Monkey Mom and Baby

Life’s a Zoo, But Not In Costa Rica

Going to the zoo is a great way to see some wildlife and exotic animals you wouldn’t otherwise see. But there’s also something a little sad about seeing majestic creatures in small enclosures, and especially in cages, rather than in the wild where they belong. Well, Costa Rica has decided that they’ve had enough. In […]

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Ancient Ayurveda, Modern Life

We at Paraiso are, of course, very into yoga. Which means we’re also very into the roots of yoga and yogic beliefs. One of these roots is the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda, which has been around since approximately 5000 BCE! Obviously, some ways of practicing Ayurveda have, by necessity, changed in the last few […]

Yoga at the Sanctuary Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Making the Most of a Yoga Retreat

Paraiso Adventures does a lot of yoga retreats. We’ve seen people have a great yoga retreat, and we’ve seen people have not so great ones. So we spend a lot of time thinking about what might make the difference between going on a retreat and having a great one. Christine Chen, our newest retreat leader, […]

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