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Austin relaxing at Florblanca, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Surfing Florblanca

Over the summer, Nina Ornstein, Paraiso’s founder, and her fiance, Austin, traveled to Costa Rica. They stayed at the beautiful Florblanca hotel, and Nina had an amazing experience. But Austin’s needs for a hotel are a little different–he loves to relax, but he also loves to surf! Here’s what he had to say about staying, […]

Nina at Florblanca Santa Teresa Costa Rica Outdoor Bathtub

Fantastic Times at Florblanca

We all know Paraiso’s founder, Nina Ornstein, loves to travel. She’s stayed in all sorts of places–ones she’s loved and ones she’s hated. On her recent trip to Costa Rica, Nina definitely found a new favorite destination in a town she’s always known and loved. Florblanca resort in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is now a part […]

Nina in a pool at Flor Blanca, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Fabulous Florblanca

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is one of our favorite destinations. We love the city, we love the people, and we love the beaches. But most of all we love the amazing places we get to stay when we visit! We’re so excited to announce our new partner in paradise, Florblanca resort. Florblanca is located in […]

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