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Nina’s 5 Must-Eats in Barcelona

Wrapping up my series on Barcelona, I’ll leave you a few dinner options to choose from as well as a few possible places to show off your dance moves until the sun comes up. I have only made my way partially through this list, however these recommendations have been gathered from Austin’s business school friends […]

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Welcome to Hotel Claris, Barcelona

Wow, this boutique hotel that gets me. This boutique hotel group really did I a great job polishing this gorgeous establishment. Tucked away in Barcelona’s upscale Eixample neighborhood, Hotel Claris has character, luxury, history, amenities, glamour, service, and scent down. Hotel Claris has a non pretentious ambience to it where you can always expect to be genuinely greeted […]

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Culture Clash? Spain, Catalonia, and a Divisive Past

The failed 2014 referendum wherein Catalonia sought political independence from Spain brought the regions’ woes to European and international attention. Catalonia, which comprises a region in the far north-east corner of Spain, “is one of Spain’s most industrialised regions, and also one of the most independent-minded,” writes the BBC in their article  “Catalonia Profile”. The Catalan […]

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La Barceloneta, Barcelona’s Waterfront Scene

Welcome to Barcelona’s vibrant waterfront scene La Barceloneta! You may remember it from the Shakira “Loca” video, which is one of the best music videos ever to get pumped up for a night out or a work out! It’s featured at the bottom if you need a booty shaking refresher! Along the Malecon, or the boardwalk, […]

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Barcelona Foodie Guide Numero Dos: Pintxos

Building on my list from last week, Barcelona’s restaurant scene has all the tempting flavor you need to satisfy any appetite. I would typically start this day with a smoothie at the Boqueria market before heading into the Picasso museum. We slept in and missed that part – sleep and time being of the essence […]

Barcelona Spain Restaurant Foodie Guide Paraiso Adventures Travel Nina Ornstein Cerveseria Catalana

Barcelona Foodie Guide Numero Uno

What a walk down memory lane! With only three days in Barcelona, Austin and I managed to eat our way through his favorite old-stomping ground of restaurants with his business school buddies. Memorial Day Weekend in the states gave us a free day to go abroad where we hung for three amazing days with the […]

Spain Day Trip: Tibidabo

Listen up, we’ve got a Barcelona must-see! If you’re visiting the Catalan capital, a day-trip to Tibidabo is an absolute must. The Tibidabo mountain, extending 520 meters above the  city of Barcelona, is the highest mountain in the Collserola mountain range. It is easily reached from the Barcelona city center, and worth the trek for […]

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(Spanish) Sunday Funday

“Domingueando” is one of those words that have no easy translation. So what exactly does it mean? In English it means to put on your “Sunday best”, or it embodies the idea of relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. It takes “Domingo”, the Spanish word for “Sunday” and makes a verb out of it: “to Sunday” […]

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Watch: 3D Animation of Sagrada Familia’s Projected Completion

The Sagrada Familia Foundation has released a one-minute 3D animation of the planned completion of Antoni Gaudi‘s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The video combines helicopter-shot footage of the basilica, and combines it with computer animation of the elements which are planned to be constructed in the coming years. The cathedral is expected to be completed by […]

A Glimpse into Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona’s Iconic Architect

Antoni Gaudi was born on June 25 1852 on the Mediterranean coast of the Catalan region of Spain. He became one of the most prominent Catalan Spanish architects, and his works (seven of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites) can be seen in Barcelona and its surrounding regions to this day. Gaudi is known for […]

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