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Panorama collinare con vigneti

Italian Day Trips Part I

Paraiso’s summer intern, Vincent, was lucky enough to spend part of a year living and studying in Rome, Italy. He brings his insight on easy and amazing day trips from Rome. Ostia Ostia is Rome’s favorite beach town. A 1 euro, 40 minute metro ride away, this town is a perfect and easy escape from […]

Michelle Barge

Why We Love Yoga with Michelle Barge

The most important thing about having a good yoga practice is being open to it. The second most important thing is having a good teacher! But when there’s so many yoga teachers to choose from, how do you pick? Based on what other people have to say! We’ve heard some of the stuff her students […]

Our Italian Inspiration: Dedi

The more we learn about Dedi, the owner of the Piedmont villa where we’ll be staying this summer, the more excited we are to spend a week with her! We took a little time to get to know a little bit more about her this week, and she had some great things to share! Dedi met […]

Paraiso Adventures Montemagno Italy Piedmont Travel Luxury Yoga Retreat

Travel to Montemagno, Italy

When we asked Dedi, the fabulous owner of the villa where we’ll be staying on our retreat to Asti, Italy, July 26-August 1, where some of her favorite places in Piedmont are, one of the first places she suggested was Montemagno. Montemagno is located in the Asti region. It is a hamlet made up of […]

Paraiso Adventures Barolo Wine Piedmont Cheese Asti Italy Travel Yoga Retreat

Barolo Wine of Piedmont, Italy

We love talking about (and drinking) Italian wine! But it seems like we haven’t given Piedmont’s most popular wine, Barolo, the attention it deserves. Barolo wine, a DOCG from Piedmont, is considered one of Italy’s finest wines. Barolo is made from the Nebbiolo grape. It is said to have tar and rose aromas, and ages […]

Alfieri Poetry

Italian is a beautiful language. Starting with Dante’s Inferno, and including countess operas, Italian has been used for poetry for centuries. Piedmont, like other parts of Italy, has had its share of incredible poets. One of Piedmont’s renowned poets was Vittorio Alfieri. Vittorio Alfieri was an Italian count, dramatist, and poet, who lived between 1749-1803. […]

Milan Italy

Must-See in Milan, Italy

Italy is an incredible place, with so much to see and do. And while we’re incredibly excited for our upcoming trip to Asti, Italy, with Michelle Barge, July 26-August 1, we can’t help but feel like we want more Italy! So after this retreat, we’re offering a special two-day extension trip to Milan, Italy. Milan […]

Milan Expo 2015

The World Expo in Milan

This year is either the best or worst time to go to Italy: Milan is hosting the 2015 World Expo. World Expos have been around since 1851, and are a way for different countries and institutions to come together and show off their technologies, innovation and discoveries. In fact, the Eiffel Tower was built for […]

Paraiso Adventures Asti Italy Travel

Paraiso’s Giving Back to the Piedmont Community

You’ve heard how excited we are about our trip to Asti, Italy, July 26-August 1. But this trip is even more special than our usual trips. With this trip, we’re going to be donating $50 per sign-up to Dai Costruiamolo Insieme. Dai Costruiamolo Insieme, which means “Come! Let’s Build It Together!”, is a foundation dedicated […]

Paraiso Adventures Rose Garden Pool Italian Villa Asti Italy Travel

Stop and Smell the Roses

Generally the first thing you think of when you think roses is a big bouquet of red roses for Valentine’s Day, or a pretty bundle for Mother’s Day. But roses are so much more than that. Most roses that we are used to seeing are actually hybrids, which were purposely created to have pretty flowers. […]

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