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Paraiso A Day in Athens

A Day in Athens

Athens is the capital of eccentric and historic Greece. If you’re planning on heading to one of the Greek islands this summer like Paros or Mykonos, Athens will probably be you’re first stop. This city is full of history and beauty, so go explore! Here’s our list of some things you can’t miss on a […]

Greece, a place you will never forget

I was 11 years old the very first time my not even teen body touched European ground. I turned 12 in Athens, Greece, at the Saint George´s Hotel, with a terrace view of the Pantheon all lit up, majestic, and timeless. We – my parents and I – were lucky enough to live this first time […]

Pirates in Paros

When you see the beautiful villages of Greece, you get a sense of peace and tranquility. It’s hard to imagine one of these villages being the location of pirate raids! The city of Naoussa is really a great juxtaposition of adventure and calm. Naoussa is a village on the island of Paros, Greece. It is […]

Paros Greece Blue and White, Sunset Paraiso Travel

Ten Reasons to Make Greece your Next Adventure

The people In Greece, we’ve met some of the kindest people in the world. Pictured above is the amazing and multitalented Joia, our local cook in Paros, Greece who welcomed us into her kitchen and taught us how to make delicious Greek dishes. The architecture Picturesque is an understatement when it comes to the beauty of Greek architecture. […]

Nina Ornstein in Istanbul on Paraiso Adventures

Paraiso’s Summer Summary

Hello Adventurers! Happy September! Fall is a season of big changes, from the temperature to the color of the leaves. So we thought we’d fill you in on some of the changes we’ve got coming up! This summer has been great. I went on retreat to Paros, Greece, where I had a fabulous time exploring […]

Olive Oil and Olives

All About Olive Oil

If you’re like us, you use olive oil a lot. You cook with it, use it as a salad dressing, even dip your bread in it at restaurants! But how often do you actually think about olive oil, where it comes from, or why it’s so great? On our retreat to Paros, Greece, in June, […]

Ripe Fig Fruits

Get Figgy With It

Figs are a great snack, or a great addition to one of your favorite meals. But they aren’t just tasty and quick, they’re also incredibly good for you! We decided to find out just why figs are so great, and we couldn’t believe the information we found! Figs have a sweet taste, are chewy and […]

Visiting Paros Greece with Paraiso Adventures

Centuries of Paros

Paros, Greece is one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to. But we definitely aren’t the first ones to discover it. Not only is Paros a great place for tourists to take some time to relax and enjoy Greek culture, but it’s got hundreds of years of history! Paros has probably been inhabited since […]

Swimming in Paros, Greece

Take a Dip

  When it’s hot out, there’s nothing like a refreshing jump into a pool, lake, or ocean. It’s a great way to cool off and it’s a lot of fun, especially if you’re with some friends. But swimming isn’t all fun and games. It’s also a great way to get healthy! Minimal impact. Swimming is […]

Port in Antiparos

All About Antiparos

You’d think if we loved Paros so much, we’d avoid a place called anti-Paros, for fear that it’d be the exact opposite of the beautiful, peaceful, amazing island we love so much. But when we went to visit Antiparos, we found that it was just as beautiful, peaceful, and amazing as Paros, with an incredibly […]

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