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What’s on the Menu in Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful island nation just off the coast of Venezuela where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic. The island, though small, is densely packed with a colorful culture that serves up some tasty food. They like things spicy but a lot of their food is not spicy at all. Barbadians have their own seasoning which […]

Paraiso Adventures Barbados Corporate Sailing

Photo Gallery: Corporate Team Barbados Weekend

What do you get when you combine a hard-working Manhattan-based finance team in need of a break with the travel chops of Paraiso Adventures? Paraiso’s first corporate getaway, that’s what! In January, we were absolutely elated to bring a crew of traders from New York on a corporate retreat to beautiful Barbados. From the finest […]

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Barbados, I Love You.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air today, and I’ve got a love of my own to announce. Barbados, will you be my Valentine? I’m absolutely smitten by this Caribbean destination, and have decided it is the perfect sweetheart. Why, you may ask? Aside from keeping me warm and glowing, Barbados has an interesting […]


Where in the World is Barbados?

Whether or not geography was your top subject, most of us can place the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica on our internal map. We’ve got the continents under control. But the islands? Those little gems which aren’t physically tied to continents? Those can be a whole other challenge. With a retreat to Barbados […]

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Barbados’ Platinum Coast

Well, the first full week of January is coming to an end. With the holidays just behind us, the reality of Winter begins to seep in. These Northern nights are dark, and I’m really craving walking barefoot! I can guarantee that today there is no place I’d rather be than The Platinum Coast of Barbados. […]

Welcome to Barbados: Fact Sheet

Pack your bags, because beautiful Barbados is calling! Our visit to Barbados earlier this year absolutely blew us away, and we cannot wait to dip our toes back in these waters for our upcoming surf trip. We could go on and on about this gem of a destination, but we’ve kept it short and sweet […]

That Bajan Feeling

The world is a beautiful place, and we are very fortunate to be able to move around the globe and visit various destinations. But what makes a destination the place to be? It starts with a feeling deep down in the soul, a profound connection to a culture, an undeniable admiration for scenery or an […]

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