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Breakfast in Bed: Grain Free Pancakes

Hibernation is an essential part of surviving the weekend. In fact, sleeping in on the weekends is up there with taking a couple of beach trips to get you through the colder months. Why stop with sleeping in? Make breakfast (or brunch) in bed a part of your winter regimen and soak up those fluffy […]

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Charcoal – Trendy Mocktail & Travel Essential

I’ve always loved street food, and this is can present challenges at times. From beach ceviche in Mexico to night market curries in Myanmar. I managed to not get sick and I owe it all to probiotics and charcoal. This is why I decided to share my tips and tricks about how to keep healthy […]

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Salud! Tasty Smoothie Hacks

I’ve been really into posting my smoothies on my Instagram stories lately. I know not many people are following that new feature of IG, but for those that have know that I’m quite the mixoligist when it comes to green liquid goodness first thing in the morning. I try to blend only local, seasonal produce. […]

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New Years and Things

Feliz Año Nuevo! I’m just back from an awesome trip to Central America. While I finish organizing those photos and laughing over memories, I have some thoughts regarding this special time of year. We have a tendency to start over each and every January, intent on changing our ways with the power of thought. Where there’s […]

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Super Smoothie Fix

Today is the last Monday of 2016, so let’s jump start the body with this super smoothie recipe. Forgot about the candy you ate, or the junk you snuck in during a long layover. It’s Monday and you have six days to get it together before the new year. Your health and physical wellness start […]

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8 Benefits of Aromatherapy Diffusers

Aromatherapy diffusers are small devices used to spread essential oils into the surrounding air through water vapor and are extremely popular. They are not only ideal for delivering fragrance to a room but can have healing benefits through aromatherapy. These little handy devices are great for improving one’s health, relieving sinus and headache pressure, as […]

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My “You Can Thank Me Later” Smoothie

Yes, you did it. You managed to go back for a third, maybe even fourth helping. Never fear, your days of recovery are here! Bounce back quickly from your all-American feast fest with a few essential steps. Yes, I’m going to say smoothie, and it’s probably going to be green. Get ready for it! This […]

5 Ways to Calm Anxiety with Yoga

One in four children age 13-18 suffers from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety affects adults as well and almost everyone suffers from occasional nervousness. Yoga is a “mindfulness based exercise” meaning it makes you more in touch with your body and breath, helping eliminate negative thoughts. Here are 5 yoga practices to help calm down: Meditation-Meditation […]

Healthy, Safe Travel in Latin America

It’s easy to stay safe and healthy in Latin America, just as long as you follow a few guidelines. Every country is different in Latin America so do a good amount of research on the individual country before you head there. Don’t forget to do your research on water quality in the country or countries […]

6 Pre-Travel Immunity Boosters

No matter where you travel, you’ll need to have a strong immune system. In some cases, it’s especially important to be extra healthy to prevent diseases, and in others it’s just good because it’s easy to catch a cold with all of the lack of sleep and just being in a new place can make you […]

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