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Nina Ornstein Inle Lake Myanmar Travel Give Back Philanthropic Travel

Our Visit to an Orphanage in Myanmar

Travel today is much more than a vacation. Over the past decade, travel trends have shifted from the perfect lazy getaway, to adventure and fitness oriented experiential travel. This year I learned the term “transformational travel” at the NY Times Travel Show, and it is all the rave. Transformation can mean many things, and the […]

Todos Santos & The Palapa Society

When you find a Paradise that, aside from the amazing external appearance, has heart and soul. And of course, Paraiso loves everything related to this goodness. Although we travel and visit all over, the crush for Todos Santos is just undeniable. Truth is that when the Pacific coast merges with the warmness and slow pace […]

Holidays Season: Giving Back

Waiting for the holidays to come may also come with thoughts of ginger cookies, spicy latte’s, Christmas cake, smashed potatoes and a lot of feeding and indulgence. Surprisingly, few take the moment to really understand the meaning of this holiday season and realize that it is a time to thank, to share and to give back, […]

A Chance for Peace

We like to start the week of with motivation from our global community. Sometimes it’s wellness, sometimes it’s travel, sometimes it’s working hard in the pursuit of a dream. And with that theme, we are sharing the following interview we recently had with Tyler Batson. Tyler and Nina know one another from way back in […]

Cacti Las Cruces Baja California Sur Mexico

A Little Baja for Everyone

We love visiting Baja California Sur. It’s stunningly beautiful, and there’s so much to do. Don’t believe us? The American Travel Trade Association just spent 9 days there, getting to know this incredible region. One of their visitors was Clifton Wilkinson, who works for Lonely Planet as their Destination Editor for Mexico, and even he […]

Nina Ornstein in Istanbul on Paraiso Adventures

Paraiso’s Summer Summary

Hello Adventurers! Happy September! Fall is a season of big changes, from the temperature to the color of the leaves. So we thought we’d fill you in on some of the changes we’ve got coming up! This summer has been great. I went on retreat to Paros, Greece, where I had a fabulous time exploring […]

Paraiso Adventures Nina Ornstein Wheel Yoga Santa Teresa Cocina Lohanna Costa Rica Travel Yoga Retreat

What’s New with Nina and Paraiso?

Nina Ornstein, Paraiso’s founder, spends a lot of time traveling, doing yoga, and meeting people, all of which she brings back to the Paraiso table to try and make future retreats better and more exciting in every possible way. So today, we’re checking in to see what’s coming up in Paraiso’s near future. What upcoming […]

Paraiso Adventures Asti Italy Travel

Paraiso’s Giving Back to the Piedmont Community

You’ve heard how excited we are about our trip to Asti, Italy, July 26-August 1. But this trip is even more special than our usual trips. With this trip, we’re going to be donating $50 per sign-up to Dai Costruiamolo Insieme. Dai Costruiamolo Insieme, which means “Come! Let’s Build It Together!”, is a foundation dedicated […]

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