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Breakfast in Bed: Grain Free Pancakes

Hibernation is an essential part of surviving the weekend. In fact, sleeping in on the weekends is up there with taking a couple of beach trips to get you through the colder months. Why stop with sleeping in? Make breakfast (or brunch) in bed a part of your winter regimen and soak up those fluffy […]

Breakfast in Bed: Mini Smoked Salmon Frittatas

It’s that time of year again when the heat begins to fade and the tendency to linger a little longer in that comfy bed really kicks in. So why not stay a while? After all, you deserve the extra rest and relaxation! Plan ahead for this simple, savory breakfast recipe and temp your taste buds […]

Paraiso Overnight Oats

Obsession: Overnight Oats

My name is Darby and I am an overnight oats addict. I eat this delicious concoction almost every weekday morning, and I’m ready to share the goodness! Here’s how you make the perfect overnight oats. The Oats Don’t cut corners when it comes to your oats. DO NOT USE QUICK OATS, since these don’t have […]

Long Live the Bagel!

If you’re in New York for longer than three seconds, you’ll soon realize that bagels are a way of life in this lovely city. I’ve been on a personal quest to try out some of the bagel hotspots around the city, all the while not completely turning into a doughy ball of carbs myself. Bagels […]

Breakfast in Bed Recipe Sweet Potato Latkes

Sweet Potato Brunch in Bed

The Potato Latke is associated with many European and Middle Eastern century-old traditions. Typically served with cottage cheese, sour cream, apple sauce and/or horseradish, the latke is a very versatile side to accompany just about any brunch favorite. May we suggest poached eggs atop the potato pancake? Add a little avocado perhaps! If you have […]

Spanish Tortilla with vegetables and ham

Breakfast in Bed Spanish Style

Make your breakfast in bed more special than the ordinary today with a delicious Spanish style tortilla. In Spain, a Spanish tortilla goes by either tortilla de patatas or tortilla española. It is more focused more on potatoes than eggs. A well-made Spanish tortilla is delicious and extremely satisfying. Give yourself 45 minutes to prepare this delicious meal! Ingredients: 6 Medium Diced […]

Chilaquiles Mexican Food Breakfast Paraiso Adventures

Breakfast in Bed Baja Style

Chilaquiles are what I like to call “breakfast nachos”. The perfect hangover cure, this substantial meal will keep the belly full all day long and suits even the pickiest of eaters. My uncle Chuck was able to snag this recipe from Manny’s Café in Todos Santos, aka “Alma’s”. This restaurant is a must-eat when visiting mi Pueblo […]

Baked eggs breakfast in bed

Baked Eggs {In Bed}

Just about everyone loves eggs for breakfast, whether they scrambled, sunny side up, or boiled. Make your Saturday a little more special some spicy tomato baked eggs, they’re exactly what you need to start the day right. Ingredients: 1 tbsp olice oil 2 chopped red onions 1 red chili 1 sliced garlic clove Small bunch […]

Breakfast in Bed Paraiso Adventures

Eggs Benedict Brunch in Bed (a lighter version)

What do New Yorkers love most? Brunch. What do they order most often? Eggs Benedict. So why not recreate that meal and enjoy it in bed on a Saturday morning without the 2 hour wait? We’ve got the perfect healthy recipe for you! Ingredients: 1 whole-wheat English muffin (split) 2 thin slices of smoked salmon, Canadian bacon […]

Breakfast in Bed: Potato Cakes

I was introduced to Miss Potato Cake less than a month ago and I need to tell you guys, please keep Miss Potato Cake as one of your best friends during this cold, snowy and windy winter. I choses this meal as my main dish of Jonas Blizzard and don’t regret it at all. God […]

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