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Breakfast in Bed: Grain Free Pancakes

Hibernation is an essential part of surviving the weekend. In fact, sleeping in on the weekends is up there with taking a couple of beach trips to get you through the colder months. Why stop with sleeping in? Make breakfast (or brunch) in bed a part of your winter regimen and soak up those fluffy […]

Nina Ornstein Paraiso Adventures

Salud! Tasty Smoothie Hacks

I’ve been really into posting my smoothies on my Instagram stories lately. I know not many people are following that new feature of IG, but for those that have know that I’m quite the mixoligist when it comes to green liquid goodness first thing in the morning. I try to blend only local, seasonal produce. […]

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Super Smoothie Fix

Today is the last Monday of 2016, so let’s jump start the body with this super smoothie recipe. Forgot about the candy you ate, or the junk you snuck in during a long layover. It’s Monday and you have six days to get it together before the new year. Your health and physical wellness start […]

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My “You Can Thank Me Later” Smoothie

Yes, you did it. You managed to go back for a third, maybe even fourth helping. Never fear, your days of recovery are here! Bounce back quickly from your all-American feast fest with a few essential steps. Yes, I’m going to say smoothie, and it’s probably going to be green. Get ready for it! This […]

Nina Ornstein Mexican Slow Cooker Pozole Verde Recipe Paraiso Adventures

Pozole Verde Soup

The slow cooker, as well as The Mexican Slow Cooker recipe book, are two of our favorite acquisitions in 2016. In terms of functionality and convenience, the slow cooker is right up there with the Vitamix for me. If I can have soup and smoothies readily available, I’m going to survive and save a lot […]

Cartagena Food & Culture

Located on the Northern Caribbean coast of Colombia, this vibrant city has influence from the Spanish, Africans and Native Americans that have mixed to form the Cartagenero culture. The city and the whole Caribbean region in general is full of some of the happiest people in the world. Coastal Colombians know how to enjoy life with good […]

Apple Pie Fall Produce Guide Paraiso Adventures

Apple Pie, Spiralizers & Other Fall Produce Favorites

Fall is almost here whether you want to believe it or not! It’s sad summer is ending but fall is the start of the holiday season and early fall weather is always great, not too hot, not too cold! Fall is also the time for a lot of great fruits and veggies to be at […]

Breakfast in Bed: Mini Smoked Salmon Frittatas

It’s that time of year again when the heat begins to fade and the tendency to linger a little longer in that comfy bed really kicks in. So why not stay a while? After all, you deserve the extra rest and relaxation! Plan ahead for this simple, savory breakfast recipe and temp your taste buds […]

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What’s on the Menu in Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful island nation just off the coast of Venezuela where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic. The island, though small, is densely packed with a colorful culture that serves up some tasty food. They like things spicy but a lot of their food is not spicy at all. Barbadians have their own seasoning which […]

Sweet Potato Toast!

If you love sweet potatoes and are looking for a healthier alternative to bread, the new trend of sweet potato toast is for you! Despite being a high calorie food, sweet potatoes are much better than bread as they are much lower in carbohydrates. They are also full of antioxidants, minerals like iron and calcium, […]

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