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Paraiso Live Yoga Event at Bandier New York

Welcome to our urban retreat, surrounded by positive, inspirational people. In honor of fierce marathon warriors, we have crafted an experience that will set your soul free. We’ve traveled the world meeting people, collecting music and making memories. For one hour we’re bringing all this love back to you right here in New York City. […]

Sweet Potato Toast!

If you love sweet potatoes and are looking for a healthier alternative to bread, the new trend of sweet potato toast is for you! Despite being a high calorie food, sweet potatoes are much better than bread as they are much lower in carbohydrates. They are also full of antioxidants, minerals like iron and calcium, […]

Paraiso Adventures Olympics Fitness

Train Like An Olympian

  Olympic athletes have to devote their lives to be in gold winning shape. Some train up to 8 hours a day, like the US synchronized swimming team and other top synchro teams. While they train a large portion of the day, they also must do things to relax and stretch, and yoga and pilates […]

Paraiso Rio 2016

Olympic Athletes to Watch (Part 2)

With the first weekend of the Rio Summer Olympics underway, we’ve got part two of your guide to athletes to have an eye on this olympics! (See part one here). Rowing: USA Women’s Eight In US rowing, the eight person boat is by far the most popular and it is our best event! The women […]

Paraiso Adventures Bree Kleintop Rancho Las Cruces Travel Wanderlust

Add Walking to Your Daily Routine

Walking is the easiest form of exercise and it can be done in a variety of ways. Try to get up and walk as much as you can throughout the day. If you work in the city, skip the subway and go in early so you can walk to work. If you’re at the gym […]

Paraiso Adventures Swimming Ocean

Just Keep Swimming

By: Vincent Curatolo I’ve been a swimmer for over 10 years, and I can easily say becoming a swimmer was one of the best choices of my life. Since a young age, it has been hard to keep me from the water. When I was seven, I stayed in a pool at my aunt’s condo in Florida […]

Get Outside: Central Park Fitness

With gyms and boutique fitness studios taking over New York City and beyond, we’re determined to remember this summer that it is possible to get active for FREE in the great outdoors. You can get active just about anywhere, but where better than NYC’s own Central Park!? We’ve turned the park into our own personal fitness […]

Bandier: where fashion, fitness and music meet

Summer, where are you? I’m pretty sure I have not been the only New Yorker these days asking that question over and over again as the weather seems to be obsessed with gloomy, cloudy days.I have nothing against cloudy days, but we have just one life, and they are much nicer when the weather is […]

Paraiso Adventures FitBit

FitBits: Getting Your Steps In

These days, if you notice someone checking a band on their wrist, it is unlikely that they’re checking the time on their watch. Fitbits and other fitness trackers have become so prevalent lately that hardly a move goes untracked! We are a generation in control of our “data”, and ever-aware of our movements. Corporate workplaces […]

Rising to the Challenge (Or Not): How I Failed SoulCycle’s Turn It Up 20

If you haven’t heard of the indoor spinning mecca of SoulCycle, chances are you’re living a) in a bunker a la Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, or b) in a city SOUL has yet to colonize. Jokes aside, though, SoulCycle is a massively popular, slightly mocked, and highly idolized chain of indoor cycling studios. I also happen […]

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