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5 Style Tips for Long Flights

Passport, check! Flights, yup! Amazing itinerary, always! Carry-on suitcase packed for your adventure, done! The only thing that’s missing is the perfect travel outfit. For some reason or another, many people become nervous before long flights. In my opinion, a lot of this anxiety boils down to discomfort. If you’re relaxed and comfortable, odds are […]

Behind the Scenes at Bandier

In a growing market for luxury women’s athletic wear, Bandier shines brightly. The company started in 2014 in Southampton and has 5 locations already in 2016, including one right by the Paraiso Adventures office in the Flatiron District! Bandier is looking to build more stores in Los Angeles and Miami as they’re gaining a lot […]

history of fashion week paraiso adventures new york

New York Fashion Week Through the Ages

In 1942, Eleanor Lambert started New York Fashion Week as a way to publicize American fashion and compete with more popular French rivals. During WWII, the US had no way to travel to France for their fashion shows. It started off known as “Press Week.” The US had been overlooked in the fashion industry so […]

Nina Ornstein The Paradise Society Paraiso Adventures Travel Production Photo Shoot Style Pachamama Todos Santos Mexico

SNEAK PREVIEW! The Paradise Story, Pachamama Mexico Photo Shoot

I’m back! And what an adventure my time away has been. The Summer Solstice Paradise Society photo shoot at Pachamama, Todos Santos was a brilliant success (if I do say so myself). The general production concept was to follow a group of sophisticated bohemian travelers as they explore the gorgeous town of Todos Santos, Baja […]

Bandier: where fashion, fitness and music meet

Summer, where are you? I’m pretty sure I have not been the only New Yorker these days asking that question over and over again as the weather seems to be obsessed with gloomy, cloudy days.I have nothing against cloudy days, but we have just one life, and they are much nicer when the weather is […]

Pack Light Paraiso Adventures Travel Tips

Packing for Summer´s First Long Weekend

Personally, I’ve been looking forward to this first long weekend of the year because although so far loving 2016; I’ve found myself thinking: please give me a break! The Monkey year seems as restless as this jungle prince, and it doesn’t seem it´s going to ease at all. Therefore, I’m super thankful for this national holiday […]

The Paradise Society Cassandra Dawn Jen Hawkins Bree Kleintop Las Cruces Paraiso Adventures Travel

The Paradise Story Styles Las Cruces

We always knew that Las Cruces boasts bravado of glamour and allure, but never has this barefoot luxury ranch been so en-vogue as when The Paradise Story took over in early April. When I proposed the idea of bringing fashion to this exclusive ranch in southern Baja, my fashion gurus didn’t know what to expect. It’s difficult to […]

The Paradise Society Todos Santos Baja Mexico Travel Style Fashion Paraiso Adventures Jen Hawkins

The Paradise Society Styles Todos Santos

The village of Todos Santos was initially founded as a Mission in 1724.  Later, it became a major sugar-cane producer. These days it is a popular destination for suffers, artists, foodies and wanderers from all over the globe, as well as home to numerous expats who call this pueblito home (or second home) with great […]

Paraiso Adventures Spring Getaway Travel

6 Fashion Must-Haves for your Spring Getaway

Save room in your suitcase for these travel essentials! 1. The Sunglasses  Forgetting your sunglasses is an absolute travel felony. Nina can’t live without her oversized polorized Rayban Wayfarers. Doubling both as fashionable and practical, the perfect pair of sunglasses is a staple for your travels and beyond. 2. The Light Blouse Never underestimate the […]

The Best Sports Bras

As a woman, Bras have always been such a huge issue for me. It´s not that I have huge boobs, but I´ve been pretty much same size since I´m 13, and having a 34C since then plus a narrow back and not being tall at all , well yes, my breasts are something I definitely […]

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