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Costa Rica, an emerging Surfing nation bountiful with young, world-class talent, has used Surfing and the hosting of the ISA World Surfing Games to grow the surf-tourism industry and develop their economy. According to Costa Rica’s Institute of Tourism, in 2013 over 200,000 tourists visited Costa Rica for surfing, leading to an economic impact of over USD $300 million.

Costa Rica’s Surf Team

Believe it or not, Costa Rica has one of the best surf teams in the world. Last year, their team won the title at the 2015 World Surfing Games, and this year, the event was hosted at Playa Jaco, only a water taxi ride away from our properties in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. One of the […]

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Surfing: Just what the Doctor Ordered

Doctors in the South of France have begun to prescribe surfing as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs when medically appropriate in an effort to reevaluate the staggeringly high numbers of prescriptions that get written for patients each year in the town of Biarritz, France. As a surfing town itself, Biarritz seemed the perfect place to […]

Spotlight: Rancho Pescadero

What can go wrong when you have a relaxed vibe mixed up with a stunning display of natural exuberance? Probably little. Then, when we add to this an scenario like Baja the chances of something failing or feeling wrong reduces to absolute 0. And basically what we need to do in order to start our […]

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5 Fun Facts on the Pacific Ocean

Oceans are a beautiful, beautiful thing. And what is so remarkable is that the miles of beaches in which we splash, surf, and marvel, don’t even BEGIN to scrape the surface of the natural wonders. Let this post be a shoutout to the Pacific Ocean, and its remarkable qualities you may not even realize. What’s […]


As cities begin to be covered with a carpet of leaves and everything kind of seems so very Parisian for a brief momento in time, we also start to think about our next travel destination.  In 90% of the cases for the population of the northern hemisphere, this day dream is envisioned with loads of sun, palms trees, and […]


A Friday Morning Escape

Good morning everyone, it’s Nina here! I had such a fantastic start to my day today, I just had to share my early morning adventure with you. Austin and I have been living it up, working extra hard and now preparing for a week of packing, moving and unpacking. We aren’t going far, but one […]

Austin relaxing at Florblanca, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Surfing Florblanca

Over the summer, Nina Ornstein, Paraiso’s founder, and her fiance, Austin, traveled to Costa Rica. They stayed at the beautiful Florblanca hotel, and Nina had an amazing experience. But Austin’s needs for a hotel are a little different–he loves to relax, but he also loves to surf! Here’s what he had to say about staying, […]

Nina in a pool at Flor Blanca, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Fabulous Florblanca

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is one of our favorite destinations. We love the city, we love the people, and we love the beaches. But most of all we love the amazing places we get to stay when we visit! We’re so excited to announce our new partner in paradise, Florblanca resort. Florblanca is located in […]


Costa Rica Gets the Gold

One of our favorite things about doing yoga retreats in Costa Rica is the opportunity to take out a surfboard and hit the waves. It may not be the first thing you think of with a yoga retreat, but it sure is fun! And we’re not the only ones in Costa Rica who love to […]

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Stretching for Surfers

As Paraiso embarks on not one but TWO getaways to tropical surf locations (Baja and Costa Rica!), we want to remind everyone to be kind to your body! Whether you are a surfer that has been catching waves worldwide forever, or a beginner, stretching is very essential to keeping your body in optimum shape. We […]

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