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Our Visit to an Orphanage in Myanmar

Travel today is much more than a vacation. Over the past decade, travel trends have shifted from the perfect lazy getaway, to adventure and fitness oriented experiential travel. This year I learned the term “transformational travel” at the NY Times Travel Show, and it is all the rave. Transformation can mean many things, and the […]

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Spring in Paradise

Good morning Adventurers! Before I catch you up on all things fun and paradise, I would like to pay my respects to the victims of the recent attacks in Manchester, UK. I wish the community strength and peace from the bottom of my heart. It’s so hard to believe that terror is a reality, threatening our freedom […]

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5 Travel Tips to Celebrate Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and that is our chance to raise awareness that we have to celebrate/save our beautiful planet! There are many different ways to do so and you probably already know some little tips and tricks that save energy and make your life a little greener. You can protect the earth by doing more than […]

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The Women of Myanmar

A funny thing happened to My Mom and Me in Myanmar while we were on a boat tour of Inle Lake. We arrived to a pagoda, one of our final stops for the day. As we disembarked the boat, we were greeted by two women selling gold leaves. I kept walking, my mom stopped and […]

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Savasana Sunday {Free} Yoga in NYC!

It’s a chilly Sunday morning in NYC, and the only thing better than spending morning in bed is hitting a free yoga class with Reiki and essential oils. Yes, free. The hour long class will be at the Meatpacking Lululemon location in Manhattan. You do not need to sign up. You do not need to […]

Coast to Coast Fun for You!

The weekend has arrived and adventure awaits. If I could be everywhere, I would. Until I acquire this super-power, I will encourage you to get out and enjoy your community, local culture and nature as much as possible. I’ll just continue living vicariously through you! A lot of fun is brewing and I have listed […]

Paraiso Live Yoga Event at Bandier New York

Welcome to our urban retreat, surrounded by positive, inspirational people. In honor of fierce marathon warriors, we have crafted an experience that will set your soul free. We’ve traveled the world meeting people, collecting music and making memories. For one hour we’re bringing all this love back to you right here in New York City. […]

Rock Your Vote!

Election Day is coming up quickly, and you need to remember to register to vote November 8th! Even if you hate both candidates, it’s still your duty and a privilege as an American to let your opinion be heard. The more votes, the better because that means more opinions are accounted for. To register to […]

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Fall Reflection

Wow! What a whirlwind of a week it has been. I feel like I’ve been around the world and back again in the last fourteen days and is so nice to be home! Fall is upon us and everything seems to be changing rapidly, all at once. Its a beautiful phenomenon, that when it rains it pours. […]

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Yoga & Bubbles in NYC this Thursday!

Good morning Adventurers! How is everyone doing? Getting back into the swing of things I hope. Now that temperatures are becoming a little more comfortable in New York City we are ready to get back outside with the community. Ali Quinn, Laura Cipullo and I will be hosting an exciting (and FREE) event this Thursday, […]

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