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Cheers! Happy Margarita Day!

It’s Wednesday, so it’s almost the weekend, right? Weekend or not, today is officially National Margarita Day! How will you be celebrating? To ring in this very exciting holiday, we’ve gathered some fun facts on our favorite cocktail. Loved and consumed by thousands, friends and families around the world honor this sacred tequila, triple sec […]

Cranberry Mule Holiday Craft Cocktail Cheers

Holiday Craft Ginger Cocktails

Cheers! Make a toast with these holiday artisan concoctions that will refresh and warm as you mingle this holiday season. We have so many things to be grateful for today. It’s Saturday! For many today is the kick-off for an exciting week of holiday celebrations. Ginger is an important winter ingredient because of the warming qualities it lends […]

Blood Orange

Baja Blood Orange Margarita

Since we’ve been spicing things up with Cinco de Mayo, I am toasting with a south of the border specialty cocktail this evening.  In honor of those gorgeous Baja sunsets that I can’t ever seem to shake from my dreams, today I am saying salud with a spicy margarita with an extra kick of Baja […]

How To: Bar Hop Barcelona!

They say birds of a feather flock together, and that must be at least somewhat true. Nina (Paraiso’s founder) clearly knows how to seek out a fellow traveler; her soon-to-be husband Austin has had some serious adventures of his own. Nina and Austin met while they were both traveling in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, and have had […]

Spring Cocktail Guide!

Every Spring, New Yorkers flood rooftops and outdoor bars ’til they find their go-to happy hour location. You’d be surprised how quickly they explore every spot! They are equally as eager to test various cocktail recipes in the wonderful weather. After another long winter, we’re excited to Spring Forward and mix up a few of our […]

The Drink of the Season: Spiced Mulled Wine

Hard as it is to believe, the first week of December is upon us. Temperatures may be dropping, but we can’t deny there’s a certain warmth in the air when December rolls through. This time last year, I was lucky enough to call Paris home. And let me tell you, Paris never embodies its “city […]

Pisco Sour: Best of South America in a cocktail

The long dispute between Chile and Peru on who is the original owner of Pisco might give you a hint that pisco is not just “another type of alcohol”. In fact, at least in my country (Chile) pisco is the national drink, what tequila is to Mexico, what Beers are to every single Irish around […]

Viva Mexico, Viva Mezcal

Weekend deserves a welcome, a proper one. It´s been a long weekend, we are all a bit desperate for our own “me time” and nothing better than to pamper ourselves with the right amount of leisure. “Right” might sound this weekend like “mezcal”, and from our retreats in Baja, we have already learned how to […]

Fresh Blackberries

Cheers to the Weekend with Blackberry Cocktails

We can’t get enough summer berries into our diets. We’ve been putting them into smoothies, salads, even quinoa. But that just isn’t enough for us. We’ve decided that we want berries in our drinks, too! Blackberries are one of our favorite summer berries. They have a ton of vitamin C to help keep your immune […]

Watermelon Gin Fizz by Selfproclaimedfoodie

Watermelon Gin Fizz

If there’s any one fruit that represents summer, it’s definitely watermelon. You can eat it straight, grill it, put it into a salad… The options are endless. But did you know you can make a delicious drink out of it? On our search for the perfect summer cocktail, we’re looking for something fruity, sweet, light, […]

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