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Paraiso Adventures FitBit

FitBits: Getting Your Steps In

These days, if you notice someone checking a band on their wrist, it is unlikely that they’re checking the time on their watch. Fitbits and other fitness trackers have become so prevalent lately that hardly a move goes untracked! We are a generation in control of our “data”, and ever-aware of our movements. Corporate workplaces […]

Rising to the Challenge (Or Not): How I Failed SoulCycle’s Turn It Up 20

If you haven’t heard of the indoor spinning mecca of SoulCycle, chances are you’re living a) in a bunker a la Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, or b) in a city SOUL has yet to colonize. Jokes aside, though, SoulCycle is a massively popular, slightly mocked, and highly idolized chain of indoor cycling studios. I also happen […]

sweet-tooth Yoga Sweat Wellness Exercise Detox

Sugar Detox

I’m on a mission to cut sugar out… again… and need everyone’s help! Here are the top five tips I’ve collected from my research and friends. Will you share more advice with me? There has got to be a way to kick the craving for sweets! Are ya with me? If you’ve managed to cut […]

Paraiso Adventures Bad Habits Nail Biting

Mind Power: Breaking Habits

Do you have a bad habit? You’re not alone. We all have what psychologists call a “cognitive script” within us, which guides the automatic thoughts and behaviors that occupy our day-to-day. Some habits are life-affirming routines such as eating consistently, remembering to drink water, or waking up at the same time each morning. However, other […]

Paraiso Adventures Flowers Field Beautiful

Spring Equinox

Happy first day of Spring, adventurers! Winter has its charm, but we can’t wait to spend more time outdoors and enjoy a sense of freshness and renewal as the city begins its yearly bloom! We’re about to start experiencing longer days and shorter nights, thanks to today officially marking the Spring Equinox. An Equinox is […]

Sugar Detox: Yes We Can

We’re finally wrapping up a season of indulgence and it feels so good! It flew by, but the truth is that as we near the end of a whole month of satisfying our cravings and consuming every last delicious crumb of what we have diligently been resisting all year. The belly aches (and bulge), the head aches, the skin break […]

It’s a Big World Out There!

Travel connects us all with each other, with culture and with nature. Most importantly, travel connects us with ourselves in a profound way that cannot be rivaled. The things we learn about ourselves when in foreign environments, surrounding by unfamiliar people and resources. Ultimately, while on an adventure, people arrive at a point of awareness […]

Thankful Thanksgiving Pre-Game Challenge!

Hey there, Paraiso Community! We are giving away a $200 gift certificate toward our Vibe Pilates SUP Retreat to one lucky winner of this week’s Thankful Thanksgiving Pre-Game Challenge! We love the whole concept of Thanksgiving, the holiday that brings families together to rejoice over a hearty meal and give thanks. We love it so much that […]

Sunday Funday: And the Winner Is…

Happy Sunday Funday Paraiso Community!! We are announcing the winner of our Stretch Out Your Summer Raffle on Facebook now! We are giving away one BPA free water bottle and eco chic reusable bag! Head on over to our Facebook Fan Page to find out who the lucky winner is now! According to Fit Day, Stretching: Boosts circulation […]

Sunday Funday: Post Your Pose!

Happy Sunday Funday, everyone! Today marks Day One in our Stretch Out Your Summer Giveaway! We will be posting a yoga pose or stretch to Facebook each day this week to encourage ourselves and our community to take at least 10 minutes a day to stretch our bodies and meditate. It is so important to be mindful […]

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