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Nina´s skin guru shares her Korean beauty tips!

One thing about being a wanderlust soul implies that you be happily open to the new, with the aim of nourishing the soul and mind with the wisdom and traditions of other cultures, other eyes. Here in Paraiso one of our latest foreign obsessions this year is related to an old millennial culture and her […]

Hola summer, hello Sunscreen Guide

Vitamin D is essential, needed and desired. Essential to keep you alive, needed because helps our intestines and digestive system function, and desired because oh well, everyone feels happier under a sunbath, don’t we? So yes, Vitamin D is one of our favorites nutrients, and it´s a fact we can’t live without it. But so […]

Skin Care Tips for Crisp Conditions

Probably, my best friend will be soon your best friend, as my best friend is aside from an amazing persona, an excellent and very well known make up artist. Raúl Flores is a young Chilean make up artist that just to name a few, have worked with top model Alessandra Ambrossio and published for Cosmopolitan […]

Wonders of Collagen Masks

Forget the days where facial rituals where all about sticky, creamy face masks that just make a mess everywhere.Thank god for the easy packaging of new facemasks all around the world (special thanks to the Asian market) and welcome into your life (if this is new for you) the wonderful miracles of collagen masks. Collagen […]

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On The Go Skin Care Tips

Hey everyone it’s Trini here with some travel tips for glowing skin on the go! Though traveling is the most amazing experience ever (an “investment”, as I like to call it), what is not that amazing – at all – is what we need to do to accomplish that: flying. Yes, flying. All those long cold […]

All Aboard with Apple Cider Vinegar

  Apple Cider Vinegar is the oldest trick in the book, and yet it seems we keep discovering new ways this miraculous liquid can benefit our lives. There are so many reasons to create a strong bond with bonding ]this medium amber color vinegar that comes from (of course) apples. Actually, right up front try to […]

Tres Chic On The Go!

We checked in with Trinidad for some fashion forward tips to keep us looking and feeling good on the go. Having a comfortable, easy travel experience means implementing a strategy, right down to the outfit. Packing smart means hauling less and looking effortlessly chic, literally without trying. Trini tells us all about that classy cool […]

Sun Protection Tips for All Year Round

Our extended summer is slowly winding down. But we are still experiencing beautiful fall weather! In anticipation of a potentially lengthy winter, you’re probably craving some Vitamin D. While lounging in the sun sans protection may be tempting, you still need to take the necessary precautions to keep your skin from being harmed by the […]

5 Beauty Apps We LOVE

  We already discussed about the best apps for traveling. Yes “we”…travel lovers. But if we have to think about one thing that we actually do more than traveling (or thinking about the idea of going somewhere else) it is certainly and for sure, thinking about how to look more pretty and healthy. About “Beauty” […]

Put Your Feet in the Sand!

Everything moves so fast these days, we often don’t realize how much time we spend rushing around on our feet. With the average person taking 10,000 steps a day, it’s no surprise that many of us experience aches and pains. Stress and anxiety can also manifest in painful foot symptoms. At Paraiso Adventures, we like […]

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