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Todos Santos & The Palapa Society


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When you find a Paradise that, aside from the amazing external appearance, has heart and soul. And of course, Paraiso loves everything related to this goodness. Although we travel and visit all over, the crush for Todos Santos is just undeniable.

Truth is that when the Pacific coast merges with the warmness and slow pace of Mexican life, beside a warm sun that heats everyone’s heart, then you get nothing but heaven…and talking about hearts, how about talking about the Palapa Society in Todos Santos that enforce the young audience to learn English and therefor have better opportunities in the future. This community, founded in 2003, is, by their own words “a multi-cultural non-profit Mexican Civil Association. Our mission is the development and administration of scholarship, educational, medical and environmental programs for the benefit of local children and their families. This is accomplished by working in concert with various community entities and through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers”.

Volunteers agree that the learning is mutual, as the sweet but shy little kids from Todos Santos end up teaching them what they know and want to share.

In 2010, the adult classes began as well, giving the right footing to Palapa Society to become a strong and serious Association with one big goal: help the Todos Santos Community through transversal education and integration.

The Palapa Building is expected to be finished by 2017 and if you as a visitor are looking to enrich your travel experience then you are absolutely welcome to be a “language mentor”, or graffiti painter through a “teacher assistant” on the daily classes given to children and adults. You can also donate remotely or contribute on the “Beca Angel”, a scholarship created to help students completing their goals of Higher Education.

Pampering ourselves feels even better when you create more smiles in this world by helping others. Be part of this sunny blessed place in the world warming even more the heart of this local community and just be part of it.

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