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The Power of Positive Thinking

By Nina Ornstein

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Today is a great day to have a great day, don’t you agree? There are so many ways to enhance your experience in this world, and it all begins with one positive thought. Like everyone, I have my ups and downs. Entrepreneur life can be difficult! Traveling the world, while it may look glamorous, can be challenging at times. But there is a silver lining in everything. I was having a rough patch recently and my mentor advised me to practice a gratitude exercise when things just weren’t feeling right. The exercise goes, sit down, write five things your grateful for. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and visualize these five things. Feel the sensations that arise. This is happiness, created by YOU and only you. So I did it, and now do it daily just ’cause.nina-ornstein-sweaty-betty-power-legging-paraiso-adventures-yoga-fitness-quad-stretchI myself have started my own practice of positive thinking that I would like to encourage you all to embrace. Every morning for a week say good morning, make eye contact and SMILE and someone you do not know. Before noon.Spending a large part of my life in a small Mexican village, buenos dias is the way of life. Now, I live in New York City and this gesture can be confusing to some people. The majority, however, respond with a happy smile, nod of the head and an affirmation that yes, indeed, it is a good morning.nina-ornstein-sweaty-betty-power-legging-paraiso-adventures-yoga-fitness-tricept-dipsSo that covers the mind and soul portion of positivity, leaving the body left for a little fine tuning. Mind power is incredible, but sometimes we just need to sweat. It’s the reset we need sometimes to separate our thoughts from our minds. I feel like fitness and wellness help me bring power back into my life. I regain focus, patience and energy. My friends over at Sweaty Betty call fitness the Power Hour, and I totally agree. Dedicating one hour a day to regaining power of your mind, body and soul is everything. How do you celebrate your daily Power Hour? I would love to hear your comments below! No go smile til your cheeks hurt! xo Nina

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