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The Paradise Story

Paraiso founder Nina Ornstein brings the Paradise experience to an entirely new level. Meet The Paradise Story, a creative collaboration that is changing mobile advertising. We strategically align complementary brands, the world’s most exotic destinations, and social media influencers for collaborative social media mash-ups. Brands are mindfully grouped together to co-sponsor on-location PR opportunities, making the experience more economical for all involved. It’s product placement with a twist. Each experience is tailored as authentic and in-line with the brands’ values and strategy, all while embarking on a thrilling, meaningful adventure.



Consumer buying behavior is very different than it was just a few short years ago. Social media has changed the way people shop. We see the need for constant photo asset content as, not only a reality, but also as an immense opportunity for creative marketing. You want to see your products on inspiring people, worn in inspiring ways, featured in the world’s most inspiring places. They see, they desire, they buy.



We curate a unique social media experience that will capture a large social media audience and one of a kind photo assets to tell a continued story even after the trip is over.  Art direction and styling is on-site throughout the entire trip.  We are available to discuss art direction before the trip to ensure you are getting the types of photos you want for your brand.  The on-site stylist is there to help guide the influencers in what products are to be worn, ensure technical fit, and assist in accessorizing.


Our locations have first-hand approval by Paraiso’s wellness travel experts. Keeping in mind the objectives and demographic for each experience, the location, properties and excursions coexist to enhance the theme.  And best of all, we are partnered with the world’s most sought after boutique hotels, villas and retreat centers. The Paraiso pros handle the travel logistics so the shoot is efficient and makes the most of the destination.




The collaboration of multiple like-minded brands allows for the investment of each brand to make more of an impact. Each brand contributes to the overall cost of social media exposure from multiple influencers. In addition to influencer followings you will also tap into the following of each brand involved. Be prepared to maximize your brand’s visibility as you tap into the networks of the smart, creative, and like-minded brands with which you collaborate.


We select influencers who are complementary and consistent with your brand. From our expansive network of influencers, we take pride in matching brands and individuals who share core values. We strive to curate groups of influencers and brands with like-minded yet diverse groups of followers; this diversity allows each brand involved to optimize exposure and access unbroached markets. We work with exceptional professional photographers who capture moments, behind-the-scenes styles, throughout your trip as well as lookbook quality photos.


We are the pros when it comes to making work a vacation. The Paradise Story is committed to providing a genuinely exciting, cultural and appealing experience that will touch the lives and hearts of all social networks. We offer the resources so that everyone involved can truly immerse themselves in the experience, providing a certain authenticity unobtainable when traveling with uncertainty. A photo shoot is meant to be alive and fun, relaxed and organic. Our top notch hospitality ensures an enjoyable experience.


Our passion is clear in our itineraries. The number one goal is to curate a destination experience that will reshape your brand image, attract a new audience and really bring life back into production. Intriguing activities enhance the exotic combination of charismatic personalities in exclusive locations. The social retreat is the branding revamp you’ve been waiting for. Welcome to paradise.


Other services can be added on for an additional cost. A quote for each service is available upon request and will vary depending on how many brands are requesting each service. Options include, but are not limited to: full lookbook, additional shots with web usage, additional video footage, copywriting for content marketing, influencer-sponsored blog posts, promotional strategy, affiliate programs, and more.


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