The Paradise Society Cassandra Dawn Jen Hawkins Bree Kleintop Las Cruces Paraiso Adventures Travel

The Paradise Story Styles Las Cruces

By Nina Ornstein

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We always knew that Las Cruces boasts bravado of glamour and allure, but never has this barefoot luxury ranch been so en-vogue as when The Paradise Story took over in early April. When I proposed the idea of bringing fashion to this exclusive ranch in southern Baja, my fashion gurus didn’t know what to expect. It’s difficult to explain the beauty of Las Cruces without actually laying eyes on it. But once my creative team set out down the desolate dirt road along the Sea of Cortez leading to this magnificent paradise, it was clearly game time. Our outstanding team and gorgeous scenery left Las Cruces with stunning images capturing the essence of solitude and elegance I had hoped they would encounter. Mission accomplished, surely you will agree. Behold The Paradise Story, the fabulous Rancho Las Cruces edition, starring Jen Hawkins, Cassandra Dawn and Bree Kleintop as the models, with the amazing Taryn Kent as the photographer.

The Paradise Society Cassandra Dawn Las Cruces Paraiso Adventures Travel

The Paradise Society Jen Hawkins Las Cruces Paraiso Adventures Travel

The Paradise Society Bree Kleintop Las Cruces Paraiso Adventures Travel

It is always a pleasure to bring groups to Las Cruces, but this time was especially exciting for me because The Paradise Story is such an innovative project and really captured the beauty in an entirely new light. You do not need to be a model, however, to grace the pristine shores of Las Cruces. Paraiso Adventures coordinates corporate and wellness treats, as well as family travel and fishing getaways. This piece of paradise certainly has something for everyone, and only a quick 1.5 hour drive away from Todos Santos, or a half hour from La Paz, it is easy to feel worlds away from anything most have experienced before. If it wasn’t already on your bucket list, write it down (in permanent marker) as your next go-to exotic vacation destination and leave the details to us!

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