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The Paradise Story Influencer Travel Todos Santos Baja Mexico Jessica Che

The Paradise Story Spring Adventure

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I’ve been a busy bee lately, taking on new paradise projects that I really enjoy. In April I produced a photo shoot for my creative branding agency, The Paradise Story. The Paradise Story is a concept where we strategically align complementary brands, the world’s most exotic destinations, and social media influencers for collaborative social media mash-ups. Brands are mindfully grouped together to co-sponsor destination photo shoots, making the experience more economical for all involved. It’s brand endorsements on holiday. Each experience is tailored as authentic and in-line with the brands’ values and strategy, all while embarking on a thrilling, meaningful adventure.

We had four influencers on this trip, with Jessica Che and Shauna Murray capturing every moment of the adventure. Trinidad Id acted as Art Director and I produced. The entire trip lasted four days and we used every single minute of the day.

The Paradise Story Influencer Travel Todos Santos Baja Mexico Jessica CheAfter having worked with Lacey Rogers on a similar trip in 2016, this young media influencer and I collaborated again in paradise. We rounded up the talent, this time including stories sensation Tristan De Burgh, a nonprofit media specialist Matthieu Lange and actress/model Charlotte McKee. When the talent audience is combined, over a million feeds are reached with each post and growing.

We spent our days exploring Todos Santos as a team, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery and weather. The fiesta started at the airport, where everyone finally came together for the first time after many remote meetings. The party continued aboard the SeaEsta Catamaran in Cabo until sunset. This is how adventure.The Paradise Story Influencer Travel Todos Santos Baja Mexico Jessica CheBack at the private beach house, the adventure continued with early morning beach photos, a horse tour through the oasis in Todos Santos, yoga at Cuatro Vientos and lunch at Cafe La Esquina. The perfect outing in the boho beautiful Pueblo Magico.

The crew admired local culture and the artisan side of Todos Santos before heading out to the ruins at the same local beach oasis where Austin and I were married in October 2016. The sunsets in Baja are epic, so we were sure to capture the magic hour in all its glory. The food was delicious as always, with fresh local ingredients prepared by our private chef to keep our team happy and healthy. As always, sharing paradise with amazing people was super fun and satisfying. This group of people really understood the rugged, charismatic personality of Southern Baja and I believe we did a fantastic job of capturing it. Please send feedback or connect to get involved anytime! Info@TheParadiseStory.comThe Paradise Story Influencer Travel Todos Santos Baja Mexico Jessica CheALL PHOTOS BY JESSICA CHE


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