What is Restorative Yoga?

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What is Restorative Yoga?

Are you ready to feel like you’ve just taken the best nap of your life? Remember the good old days when nap time was a part of your daily routine? Way back when people acknowledged that we, as humans, need to calm the mind and restore the body, when a pause for deep relaxation was […]

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Pearls of Wisdom from the Sea of Cortez

Today’s words of wisdom come straight from Enrique Hamilton, a member of Rancho Las Cruce down on the south eastern shores of the Baja Peninsula where the Sea of Cortez meets desert oasis. This paradise was discovered many years ago in search of pearls, which were quite literally what put La Paz and Las Cruces […]

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A Giant Leap for Paraiso

My love for Baja California Sur, Mexico shines brightly in the 2015 Annual Special Edition of Baja Traveler Magazine. I was invited to contribute two articles to this winter’s version of this luxury publication that is distributed internationally in high end book stores (such as Barnes and Noble). The magazine hits the shelves on Tuesday, January […]

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6 Steps to a Soothing Sunday {Funday}

Forgotten how to relax? Don’t worry, we’ll get you back on track in no time with this recipe for R & R everyone needs in their routine. Be sure to have all of the below ingredients available the night before your big day (to yourself), so you can cozy up first thing in the morn. Wake up […]

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{Breakfast in Bed} Sweet Potato Oat Bites

It’s Saturday! You’ve made it through the week, now what to eat? This winter morning treat is a favorite of ours both on lazy weekend days or on the go all week long. Two of the most satisfying winter ingredients are involved: oatmeal and sweet potatoes. The creaminess of the sweet potato combined with the […]

Home-Made Miso Soup

Happy Foodie Friday, Adventurers! Today’s post is inspired by a member of our community. We’d like to thank @Beeline2Bliss for sharing their recipe for home-made miso soup with us via Instagram. We love it so much, we’re sharing it here! Don’t forget to stay up to date with Paraiso Adventure’s Instagram feed —  follow us […]

Tropical Paraiso-Colada

It’s thirsty Thursday over at Paraiso, and we’re toasting with a tropical treat that is both good for you and delicious! This drink can be made into a smoothie or a tropical cocktail. Either way, these vibrant tropical flavors will surely leave you feeling like you’re on a beach watching the sunset with great friends! The following fresh […]

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is one of the best ways to both begin and deepen a yoga practice. Unlike Vinyasa, where every movement is linked with the breathe, Hatha slows it down in each posture and focuses on deep breathing within the pose. When practicing Hatha, it’s all about using the breath to calm your mind and […]

Day Trip to La Paz

Many people automatically associate Southern Baja with Cabo San Lucas. While this tourist destination is certainly beautiful and full of endless activities, Baja really has so much more to offer. When we want to show guests on our Todos Santos and Las Cruces retreats a taste of truly authentic Baja culture, we take them to […]


I Have a Dream…

Today we celebrate the life of a man with a dream much stronger than the hateful world into which he was born. Martin Luther King Jr captivated America, and the world, during a critical time in our nation’s history with his poise and passion to spread equality. Despite relentless challenges and aggression, Martin Luther King […]