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Travel Thursdays: Inspirational Quotes That Will Make You Want to Buy A Plane Ticket

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Wellness Wednesday: Hydration Station

I’m parched! Pass the water! Until fairly recently, I wasn’t giving my body enough water.  Turns out this is a problem for most of us, especially because we don’t always recognize we’re thirsty.  It’s actually common for people to confuse thirst with hunger. Go figure! The next time you find yourself reaching for that break […]

Foodie Friday: Gluten Free Italian

This Foodie Friday features a gluten free “spaghetti” dish inspired by our Italy Retreat. We are in Umbria for the next couple weeks soaking in the Italian countryside, exploring local vineyards, practicing daily yoga, and cooking up some delicious recipes! Our guests will be arriving on Sunday and we cannot wait to get started! In […]

Travel Thursdays: 5 Pre-Travel Immunity Boosters

Sick of getting sick every time you get on a plane? Fear no more! Travel is the name of the game over here at Paraiso Adventures, and we have a few tricks up our sleeve for staying healthy (and sane!) while jet setting to your next destination. Prepping your body for travel isn’t complicated and it […]

Community Love: Meet Our Founder, Nina Ornstein

The big moment is finally here! We’d like to welcome you into our community, learn more about yours, and find a deeper understanding of what connects us to one another. To get started, let us introduce you to the gal who started Paraiso Adventures, our Founder, Nina Ornstein! Nina is an inspiration to us all; […]

Costa Rica: Planning for Paraiso

Ready for the adventure to begin?  Below are some details concerning your upcoming trip to Costa Rica with Paraiso Adventures.  Please feel free to email me with any further questions and I look forward to welcoming you at Villa Paraiso! Pura Vida is a common expression, meaning “Pure Life” aka the Good Life, and can […]

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Paraiso Retreats Trigger Enduring Effects!

So you’re back from Retreat in Paradise—Now What?  Keep your momentum moving.  Remember the camaraderie that was created on the Retreat.  Remain connected with that sense of trust and support. Communicate with encouraging people in your life, ranging from me, your yoga teachers, retreat friends and loved ones, to reaffirm your intentions. Make the time […]

Side Trip: Positano, Italy

It still feels like a dream, as if I’m still dancing on the sea, after spending three enchanting nights in Positano, a picturesque port town in Southern Italy.  There were so many activities!  One of which was certainly leisure – from posting up on a beach chair rented from Hotel Vittoria‘s beach club, or kicking […]

For the Foodies: Peruvian Ceviche Recipe

Saving my poor thumb the work of texting this to another friend to share the secret, and seemingly infamous, ceviche recipe I acquired while traveling in Chile a couple of years ago.  My friends Felipe & Marcela, so eager to share their beautiful country, introduced me to many customs.  Lunch was a huge focus of […]

Intuitive Travel

Pack your bags and follow your instincts!  Using your intuition while traveling involves letting your instincts take the reins. Create awareness of yourself and your surroundings – when traveling it is so incredibly important to be “tapped in” to what your intuition is sensing.  If a certain street or person gives you a bad feeling, […]

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