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Garden-Stuffed Yellow Squash

Garden Stuffed Yellow Squash by

Garden-Stuffed Yellow Squash

We recently put together a whole list of in-season vegetables for the summer, because we love eating fresh veggies! One of our favorites for summer is summer squash–it’s a beautiful color that’ll make any plate look pretty, and it’s chock full of nutritional value! But there’s something even better than one fresh vegetable, and that’s […]

Summer Biking Silhouette with Nina Ornstein

The Benefits of Biking

One of the great things about summer weather is not having to spend all your time hiding from the elements. Which means that in the summer months, you might choose to walk a short distance instead of driving it or catching a cab, just because it’s nice out. Well, you can even do this for […]

Paraiso on the Byzantine Trail

Adventures on the Byzantine Trail

Hiking might not be the first activity you think of when you think of Greece. It probably comes well after relaxing by the beach, eating food, and drinking wine. But if you go to Paros, there’s a hiking trail that’s not to be missed! The Byzantine Trail in Paros begins in Lefkes, a mountain village […]

Quinoa Grain

Remembering Quinoa

Quinoa was a huge hit a couple of years ago, and recently it’s faded out in the foodie conversations, to be replaced by the latest fads, like eating kale or drinking lemon water. Well, this is your friendly reminder: don’t let quinoa fade out of your diet, too! Quinoa is a type of grain crop […]

Michelle Barge

Why We Love Yoga with Michelle Barge

The most important thing about having a good yoga practice is being open to it. The second most important thing is having a good teacher! But when there’s so many yoga teachers to choose from, how do you pick? Based on what other people have to say! We’ve heard some of the stuff her students […]

Church of 100 Doors

Close One Door, 99 Open

People often associate Greek history with marble columns, democratic government, and a whole slew of different gods and goddesses. However, Greece’s history also includes Byzantine history, featuring many stories that seem more Christian than Greek. One of the best examples of this is Panagia Ekatontapyliani, or the Church of 100 Doors, in Paros, Greece. This […]

Woman enjoying the summer

Staying Cool in the Heat

It’s hot out, and with two months of summer to go, it’s going to stay hot. So how can you stay cool, even when it’s over 80 degrees outside? We’ve put together some tips on how to beat the summer heat, even when the last thing you want to do is be outside! Eat smaller […]

Happy Fourth of July!

Today is all about independence. Our country’s independence as well as our personal. The definition of independent is to be free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority. This is a gift, something that not everyone has and we should all feel extremely grateful for. We are wishing you all a safe and happy fourth!

Quinoa Berry Bliss Bites by Damy Health

Quinoa Berry Bliss Bites

In the summer, we’re on the go a lot, running from one thing to another. So we need to remember to stay hydrated, and eat. It’s tempting to just grab a muffin from a nearby coffee shop, or, better yet, an ice cream cone, but there are better options! We wanted to find a healthy […]

Greek Flag Over the Sea

Paraiso on a Boat

Greece is an amazing place to visit, and you’re not the only one who knows it. The beaches might be beautiful, but they’re also crowded and full of other tourists. So how do you get the beauty of Greece without the other tourists? Take a boat tour out to the Blue Lagoon, some hidden swim areas, […]

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