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Innovative Napping: Inflatable Hoodies and Other Tips for the Long Haul

Paraiso Adventures Inflatable Hoodie

Innovative Napping: Inflatable Hoodies and Other Tips for the Long Haul

It’s official… someone has invented an inflatable nap hoodie. Hot off the press at Huffington Post, what we’ve got on our hands is “the Hynos Sleep Hoodie, an inflatable sweatshirt that brilliantly turns any plane, train, or obnoxious airport terminal into a comfy-cozy napping station with just a few puffs of air”. Since nothing screams SUNDAY like […]

The Gnocchi Tradition on the 29th

You may have never heard of Dia de Ñoquis (Gnocchi Day), or maybe, you may have never heard of gnocchi. These little flour and potato dumplings have their roots in Italy. They integrated into South American cuisine by Italian immigrants in the early 20th century, particularly in Argentina and spread all over South America. They’re […]

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Costa Rica Prep List

Pack your bags; we’re en route to Costa Rica! We’re so glad to be headed back to beautiful Santa Teresa, and we’re confident the town will capture your heart just as it has ours. Here’s what you’ll need to know in preparation for your upcoming travels. What We Need from You Make sure you have contacted […]

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Breaking Down our Top Five Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Travel rewards credit cards are widely available these days, through dozens of banks, and affiliated with tons of business, hotels, and airlines. Travel rewards credit cards can yield huge benefits, especially for those like us who love to travel. However, as with anything financial, it is critical to evaluate the costs and benefits of your […]

Breakfast in Bed: Chocolate Chia Pudding

Chia. A marvel seed on the top of any health list for the past 5 years for sure. Chia, one of my 3 favorites “CH” words along with Chai, Chocolate and Chile. Chocolate Chia Pudding, our healthy, yummy and necessary dessert for midweek. Because we don’t need to fall into our holiday cravings all over […]


Where in the World is Barbados?

Whether or not geography was your top subject, most of us can place the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica on our internal map. We’ve got the continents under control. But the islands? Those little gems which aren’t physically tied to continents? Those can be a whole other challenge. With a retreat to Barbados […]

5 Travel Tips for using your Iphone Abroad

In this world there´s two kind of people. Those who can live without their phones, and those who can´t. I´m definitely in group # 2. And though I try to think I can deal with the fact of a phoneless life, truth is I panic if I feel, even if it´s for a second, I […]

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Our (Costa Rican) Vacation From Vacation

People often assume that I am essentially always on vacation. You know what they say, don’t judge a book by their Instagram feed… the truth is, I travel frequently, not vacation frequently. There is a huge distinction between the two. While yes, I am on-the-go, experiencing exotic paradise settings, there aren’t many siestas involved in […]

Breakfast in Bed: Egg Avocado Toast

Coming back to my country for holiday season, all the local flavors I learned to love since I was a child just pop up in my head even more tasty and heavenly. Our special “marraqueta bread” (kind of a French baguette), our unbeatable “dulce de leche” (creamy and milky caramel) and our long and extended […]

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Natural Interaction with Nature

When going abroad there are so many exciting new things to take in: from the sights, to the smells, the sounds, and the beautiful surroundings. For many destinations, this includes wildlife much different from that back home. While we may all have big dreams of riding elephants, frolicking with lion cubs, and joking with monkeys […]

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