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A Taste of Thailand

Paraiso Adventures Paradise Dragon Fruit Thailand Travel

A Taste of Thailand

I’ve been eating my way through Thailand now for the past 2.5 weeks and all I have to say is YUM! All of my favorite dishes are made by street carts or super affordable restaurants, typically on the beach, where I have been able to slurp down delicious (and spicy) red curry with a side […]

What’SUP with Edith and Andy!

One of the best parts of travel is meeting a trail of interesting and inspiring people along the way. We were particularly awed by Andy Seidensticker and his wife Edith Garcia, who we met while in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica in February. Andy and Edith run a small business called Freedom Riding SUP Adventures, where […]

Darby Millar Paraiso Adventures Costa Rica Travel Paradise

Getting the Details on Paraiso’s Darby Millar

What’s your back story? Where did you grow up, how did you end up in New York and working for Paraiso? I grew up in Canada with an American mom and a Canadian dad. After I graduated from college at the University of Toronto last year I was unsure of what I wanted to do […]

Baked eggs breakfast in bed

Baked Eggs {In Bed}

Just about everyone loves eggs for breakfast, whether they scrambled, sunny side up, or boiled. Make your Saturday a little more special some spicy tomato baked eggs, they’re exactly what you need to start the day right. Ingredients: 1 tbsp olice oil 2 chopped red onions 1 red chili 1 sliced garlic clove Small bunch […]

Jasmine Multani Paraiso Adventures

Ten Questions with Paraiso’s Jasmine

I had the pleasure of interviewing Paraiso’s newest team member Jasmine, and hands down the weirdest thing I learned about the girl is that she doesn’t drink coffee (!??!!??!!?). This California girl can’t wait to see what exciting adventures New York has in store for this next chapter in her life. Jasmine loves the beach, […]

Grafitti Grandmas? How Portugal is Bringing Senior Arts to the Streets.

Grandma grafitti gangs are roaring through the street of Portugal. Yes, you read that right. A Portuguese organization called LATA 65 has taken nearly 100 senior citizens on street art campaigns to motivate social change. According to officials from the organization, the objective of LATA 65’s senior street art project is twofold. First, the initiative aims to […]

Green Smoothie Paraiso Adventures Wellness Nutrition

March Smoothie Madness

Where has time gone this year? We’re just a few short days away from spring already! All this really means is that its time to get healthier so you can enjoy the spring weather. Be ready for whatever adventure comes your way now that the cold winter can’t stop you. We’ll help make it a […]

Barcelona Spain Europe Travel

We’ve Got Spain on the Brain

When I think Spain, I think…tapas, siesta, dancing, and Europe! Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, has many great cities, including Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid (the capital city) and more. Its no surprise that Spain is one of the most highly visited countries in Europe. So where exactly is it? Spain is located in far southwestern Europe, […]

Paraiso Todos Santos Cliff Travel

Motivate Personal Adventure: What’s Stopping You and How to Overcome It.

You’re afraid of the unknown. This is a common fear that inhibits people from traveling or otherwise engaging in adventure. Not knowing what to expect can be nerve-racking, and stepping out of your comfort zone is a challenge for most of us. However, living in fear can be crippling, and your comfort zone is not […]

Paraiso Adventures Spring Getaway Travel

6 Fashion Must-Haves for your Spring Getaway

Save room in your suitcase for these travel essentials! 1. The Sunglasses  Forgetting your sunglasses is an absolute travel felony. Nina can’t live without her oversized polorized Rayban Wayfarers. Doubling both as fashionable and practical, the perfect pair of sunglasses is a staple for your travels and beyond. 2. The Light Blouse Never underestimate the […]

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