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Fashion revolution Nina Ornstein The Paradise Story

A (SLOW) Fashion Revolution

Did you know the average American throws away 82lbs of textiles annually? I had no idea until I recently attended a very informative event arranged to bring awareness to the Fashion Revolution the world is currently undergoing. This movement brings attention to consumer behavior and to identify who exactly makes our clothes. Just as the slow […]

5 Style Tips for Long Flights

Passport, check! Flights, yup! Amazing itinerary, always! Carry-on suitcase packed for your adventure, done! The only thing that’s missing is the perfect travel outfit. For some reason or another, many people become nervous before long flights. In my opinion, a lot of this anxiety boils down to discomfort. If you’re relaxed and comfortable, odds are […]

Behind the Scenes at Bandier

In a growing market for luxury women’s athletic wear, Bandier shines brightly. The company started in 2014 in Southampton and has 5 locations already in 2016, including one right by the Paraiso Adventures office in the Flatiron District! Bandier is looking to build more stores in Los Angeles and Miami as they’re gaining a lot […]

Paraiso Live Yoga Event at Bandier New York

Welcome to our urban retreat, surrounded by positive, inspirational people. In honor of fierce marathon warriors, we have crafted an experience that will set your soul free. We’ve traveled the world meeting people, collecting music and making memories. For one hour we’re bringing all this love back to you right here in New York City. […]

history of fashion week paraiso adventures new york

New York Fashion Week Through the Ages

In 1942, Eleanor Lambert started New York Fashion Week as a way to publicize American fashion and compete with more popular French rivals. During WWII, the US had no way to travel to France for their fashion shows. It started off known as “Press Week.” The US had been overlooked in the fashion industry so […]

Derren Versoza Photography The Paradise Society Pachamama Todos Santos Mexico Paraiso Adventures Travel Fashion Shannon Barker

Behind the Scenes in Paradise

Hey guys! It’s Nina here, sweating through a crazy hot day in NYC. My mind can’t help but wander off to my last Baja trip with The Paradise Society. So much goes into production, this what draws me to the role I play on photo shoots. I have a definite passion for aligning all the […]

Garden Party Sweaty Betty Paraiso Adventures East Hampton

Garden Retreat in East Hampton with Sweaty Betty

Summer is here! In New York that means finding anyway to escape the concrete jungle to seek fresh air and cooler surroundings. Many flock “out East” to the white sandy beaches of Long Island, and area most commonly known as “The Hamptons”. New York City’s most popular boutique fitness studios and retailers have created exceptionally […]

Nina Ornstein The Paradise Society Paraiso Adventures Travel Production Photo Shoot Style Pachamama Todos Santos Mexico

SNEAK PREVIEW! The Paradise Story, Pachamama Mexico Photo Shoot

I’m back! And what an adventure my time away has been. The Summer Solstice Paradise Society photo shoot at Pachamama, Todos Santos was a brilliant success (if I do say so myself). The general production concept was to follow a group of sophisticated bohemian travelers as they explore the gorgeous town of Todos Santos, Baja […]

Pack Light Paraiso Adventures Travel Tips

Packing for Summer´s First Long Weekend

Personally, I’ve been looking forward to this first long weekend of the year because although so far loving 2016; I’ve found myself thinking: please give me a break! The Monkey year seems as restless as this jungle prince, and it doesn’t seem it´s going to ease at all. Therefore, I’m super thankful for this national holiday […]

My Very First Coachella

Some of you may not know that I used to spend most of my time surrounded by music. College and a few following years after with filled with concerts in Colorado, California, Mexico, New York, Washington, Austin, TX, Las Vegas, you name it! My college crew and I always made a point of making a […]

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