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Nina Ornstein Paraiso Adventures Travel Snowboarding Switzerland Alps Europe Travel

Swiss Alps Ski Weekend

I’ve been around the world and back again since I last wrote. The Myanmar story is going to be a doozy, so while I finish absorbing those memories and getting them organized for your reading, I’ll leave you some love from my most recent adventure. A long weekend in the Swiss Alps sounds a little […]

Nina Ornstein Paraiso Adventures Bangkok Thailand Okura Prestige Hotel Luxury Travel

Airfares are Hot Hot Hot!

Calling all adventurers! Many of my friends and family call on me for inside scoop on travel trends, I must say, searching flights is one of my favorite pastimes. I stand strongly by my motto, that if I see a good flight, with the perfect schedule and steal of a deal, it must be purchased. […]

Sintra Lisbon Portugal Travel Europe Paradise Paraiso Adventures

A Day Trip to Sintra, Portugal

It’s been a year since my last trip to Portugal and I still dream of it constantly. I was there for a photo shoot and was able to do extensive research on the most beautiful, picturesque locales in Portugal. I went to Portugal almost an expert, but witnessing it first hand, well that was something many […]

Getting to Porto, Portugal

Has Portugal been on your bucket list for a while? With the Algarve coast to the south, Lisbon on the central coast and Porto to the north, Portugal is a fantastic destination to tour. Porto is one of Europe’s most underrated cities. With breathtaking beaches and the famous Douro Valley nearby, the city is becoming a […]

Malta Travel Europe Mediterranean holiday Paraiso Adventures

Traveling in Malta

When people travel to Europe, they normally think to travel to mainstream places like Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Those are all great options, but if you want a more ‘hipster” and off the beaten path experience, head to Malta. Malta is only an hour flight from Rome, but is worlds away. It’s also a great […]

Paraiso Adventures Porto Portugal Europe Travel Nina Ornstein

Wandering in Porto, Portugal

As you may have already figured out, I am enamored by Portugal. I had an absolute blast in Porto. It was a short, but very sweet trip. The biggest draw for me, per usual, were the people. I had recently coordinated and worked on a photo shoot for Prana in Lisbon. We also shot in […]

Nina Ornstein Paraiso Adventures Portugal Travel Retreat Photo Shoot Europe Lagos

8 Reasons Why I Could Live in Portugal!

I’m on of those people that travel the world thinking (often out loud) oooh, I could definitely live here! Sometimes I encounter a deal breaker, sometimes that feeling just fades away. Portugal, however, has gotten under my skin. In fact, this country went directly to my heart and soul, offering everything I love in one beautiful, easily accessible […]

Paraiso A Day in Athens

A Day in Athens

Athens is the capital of eccentric and historic Greece. If you’re planning on heading to one of the Greek islands this summer like Paros or Mykonos, Athens will probably be you’re first stop. This city is full of history and beauty, so go explore! Here’s our list of some things you can’t miss on a […]

Hotel Claris Barcelona Roof Pool Paraiso Adventures Travel Nina Ornstein Passeig de Gracia Gaudi

Welcome to Hotel Claris, Barcelona

Wow, this boutique hotel that gets me. This boutique hotel group really did I a great job polishing this gorgeous establishment. Tucked away in Barcelona’s upscale Eixample neighborhood, Hotel Claris has character, luxury, history, amenities, glamour, service, and scent down. Hotel Claris has a non pretentious ambience to it where you can always expect to be genuinely greeted […]

Paraiso Adventures Barcelona

Culture Clash? Spain, Catalonia, and a Divisive Past

The failed 2014 referendum wherein Catalonia sought political independence from Spain brought the regions’ woes to European and international attention. Catalonia, which comprises a region in the far north-east corner of Spain, “is one of Spain’s most industrialised regions, and also one of the most independent-minded,” writes the BBC in their article  “Catalonia Profile”. The Catalan […]

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