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Spring in Paradise

Good morning Adventurers! Before I catch you up on all things fun and paradise, I would like to pay my respects to the victims of the recent attacks in Manchester, UK. I wish the community strength and peace from the bottom of my heart. It’s so hard to believe that terror is a reality, threatening our freedom […]

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Cuba, Te Amo!

Austin and I just finished our first visit to Cuba on a long weekend warrior trip lasting five days and four nights. With very poco tiempo, we saw a lot and learned even more. The United States is now allowing Americans to enter Cuba directly via “People to People” travel, a concept I will go into soon. […]

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Airfares are Hot Hot Hot!

Calling all adventurers! Many of my friends and family call on me for inside scoop on travel trends, I must say, searching flights is one of my favorite pastimes. I stand strongly by my motto, that if I see a good flight, with the perfect schedule and steal of a deal, it must be purchased. […]

The Harlem Havana Festival is Next Week!

From August 15th to the 21st, Harlem will be hosting the first ever Harlem/Havana Music & Cultural Festival! Recently, President Obama has been lifting sanctions on Cuba, and relations between the countries have been improving quickly. Now, Americans can even travel freely to Cuba, which was not easily done in the past! Many Cubans live […]

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What’s New with Nina and Paraiso?

Nina Ornstein, Paraiso’s founder, spends a lot of time traveling, doing yoga, and meeting people, all of which she brings back to the Paraiso table to try and make future retreats better and more exciting in every possible way. So today, we’re checking in to see what’s coming up in Paraiso’s near future. What upcoming […]

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