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Our Visit to an Orphanage in Myanmar

Travel today is much more than a vacation. Over the past decade, travel trends have shifted from the perfect lazy getaway, to adventure and fitness oriented experiential travel. This year I learned the term “transformational travel” at the NY Times Travel Show, and it is all the rave. Transformation can mean many things, and the […]

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5 Travel Tips to Celebrate Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and that is our chance to raise awareness that we have to celebrate/save our beautiful planet! There are many different ways to do so and you probably already know some little tips and tricks that save energy and make your life a little greener. You can protect the earth by doing more than […]

Coast to Coast Fun for You!

The weekend has arrived and adventure awaits. If I could be everywhere, I would. Until I acquire this super-power, I will encourage you to get out and enjoy your community, local culture and nature as much as possible. I’ll just continue living vicariously through you! A lot of fun is brewing and I have listed […]

Paraiso Adventures Yoga Month Pop Up Nina Ornstein Sweaty Betty

Free Yoga the Month of September!

September is here and you know what that means? Free yoga classes and events all of the US! Are you as excited for Yoga Month as we are? Prepare yourself, because the end of the summer is going to be all about wellness. September is all about transitioning out of the carefree vibe of our […]

Paraiso ADventures Friday the 13

Freaky Friday: 13 facts about Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th! Whether you’re hiding indoors or throwing caution to the wind, here are 13 facts about this unlucky day. No one knows exactly why the Friday the 13th superstition exists. The number 13 is well documented as an unlucky, “dangerous” number, and records of superstition regarding the number 13 date back to […]

Your Outdoor Yoga Guide (NYC)

  Living in New York is expensive. We’re faced with high real estate prices, sad excuses for happy hour deals, and some of the top of the top designers, artists, and restaurateurs ready to give your wallet a hard hit. On the other hand, New York is also a city which takes pride in its […]

Paraiso Adventures Picnic

Your Perfect Picnic

  There’s just something special about eating outdoors. Even if the sun makes your sandwiches a little soggy and ants threaten to invade, everyone seems to love a picnic. As the weather warms up, we’re getting our picnic on in big bad New York City! Here are a few tips to make the occasion just […]

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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! April 22nd marks the start of the modern environmental movement in 1970, now known as Earth Day, which is celebrated in more than 192 countries each year. Earth Day revolves around events and efforts focused on green awareness, including public awareness of air and water pollution, spurred by Senator Gaylord Nelson. It’s […]

Paraiso Adventures Barbados Nightlife Fun!

Hit the Dance Floor

If you don’t start your day with a dance party then maybe now is the time to do it. Dance like no one’s watching you; it’ll be well worth it and I can give you many reasons why! Dance is a great way to enjoy yourself, while getting a great workout. The aerobic exercise not […]

Grafitti Grandmas? How Portugal is Bringing Senior Arts to the Streets.

Grandma grafitti gangs are roaring through the street of Portugal. Yes, you read that right. A Portuguese organization called LATA 65 has taken nearly 100 senior citizens on street art campaigns to motivate social change. According to officials from the organization, the objective of LATA 65’s senior street art project is twofold. First, the initiative aims to […]

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