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Swiss Alps Ski Weekend

By paraisoadventures

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I’ve been around the world and back again since I last wrote. The Myanmar story is going to be a doozy, so while I finish absorbing those memories and getting them organized for your reading, I’ll leave you some love from my most recent adventure. A long weekend in the Swiss Alps sounds a little over the top – this I know. But believe me, getting there was less expensive and way more accessible than flying to Colorado, to Tahoe or Whistler. Plus I had never been to Switzerland before, nor had I been to the Alps in the winter. 2017 is all about saying YES to new adventures and I’m off to a great start.Nina Ornstein Paraiso Adventures Travel Snowboarding Switzerland Alps Europe TravelFor most people in my world, saying yes to new adventures mean mastering the art of being a weekend warrior! Committing to the weekend and all its worth because a week-long vacation simply isn’t in the cards. My hubby, Austin, has limited vacation time so we are meticulously creative with his free time. We were able to pull off our snowboarding weekend Switzerland only taking Friday off. We both agree the getaway was a great success!Nina Ornstein Paraiso Adventures Travel Snowboarding Switzerland Alps Europe Travel Austin Liggett

    • Our adventure began at 9pm on Thursday night, departing NYC for Zurich.
    • Landed in Zurich at 10am
    • Met our friends, walked around and had lunch. It was rainy so we didn’t spend much time in Zurich as we knew rain would be snow where we were headed.
    • Took the two hour train up to Davos Klosters, checked in to our hotel, had dinner and went to bed early.
    • Up early for the blue bird day after a long night of snow. We hit the slopes for fresh powder and one of the most gorgeous sites I’ve ever seen.
    • After mandatory après time and hot tub soak, we explored the town of Davos and ate the most delicious fondue dinner. There were a lot of firsts at this dinner, including escargot for a few of the guys. It was all so delicious and ridiculously fun.
    • We went out to check out the nightlife, met some fun local people and found our way home for some shut-eye.
    • Up early-ish for another crystal clear day on the mountain. This time we tried out Jakobshorn to mix things up, please we heard there was a music festival happening.
    • We found an amazing Sunday Funday scene at the top of Jokobshorn with plenty of people watching, music, and so many activities. People were paragliding, dancing, hottubbing, drinking and we met a lot of really friendly, helpful locals.
    • Breakfast at the hotel and then we headed back down to Zurich at noon. Our flight left Zurich at 5:15pm and we landed back in NYC at 8:30pm for mandatory Thai Food and hot bath. Easy breezy.Nina Ornstein Paraiso Adventures Travel Snowboarding Switzerland Alps Europe Travel Austin Liggett

It’s not to say that Tuesday was easy, but we definitely feel the fun and adventure outweighed the effort. The food in Switzerland wasn’t exactly my typical cuisine so the food hangover was just as bad as the jet lag for me. Cheese, cheese and more cheese, with some chocolate and bread. But hey – when you’re weekend warrior-ing none of this matters, right? I would definitely recommend a visit to the Alps in Europe for anyone interested in changing up their ski vacations. Next time I’d like to visit the Dolomites, the Austrian Alps and the French Alps. Or maybe all three! I would love to get your tips on our next adventure, please drop me a note or leave a comment below! • Follow my adventures on Instagram! @NinaOrnstein  • @ParaisoAdventures • @TheParadiseStory

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