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(Spanish) Sunday Funday

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“Domingueando” is one of those words that have no easy translation. So what exactly does it mean? In English it means to put on your “Sunday best”, or it embodies the idea of relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. It takes “Domingo”, the Spanish word for “Sunday” and makes a verb out of it: “to Sunday” or “Sundaying”. So how exactly do we celebrate it? The options are endless in Spain.

Spain is amongst the most holiday-happy countries in Europe and its people enjoy the longest life expectancy, second longest in the world. They’re obviously doing something right! It’s because they really make the most of it their time off whether it be with lots of coffee, amazing tapas, beach time in Barcelona, late nights out with friends, or almost anything else you can come up with.

The amazing weather in Spain lends itself to many wonderful outdoor activities including: biking, roaming, and lots of beach time (in Barcelona especially!). Barcelona isn’t known just for its beaches but also for great food and its’ oh-so-popular nightlife. After tanning at the beach and taking a siesta, all that is on ones mind is dinner. Spaniards are hungry and have many options to pick from. Diet is key for them, no matter what day of the week. The best part is that it’s generally healthy!

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No night is short of entertainment regardless of where you are in Spain, because you’ll always have a place to go. Spaniards are more than happy to find a cheap beach bar for Sunday drinking or hold off till night to find a great hole in the wall bar to hang out with friends. Sunday is when most locals hit the town because there is no work Monday. Spaniards are always at the center of all the action, sipping sangria, and watching street entertainers till the wee hours of the night.

If these daily activities aren’t enough you can always look into one of the many festivals Spaniards take time off to celebrate, including: La Tomatina, Fiesta de San Fermin, Semana Santa, or Las Fallas.

A great mindset and the idea of putting on your Sunday best keep everyone happy and healthy every Sunday, all year around! The trick is to think like a Spaniard and plan ahead.

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