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Rising to the Challenge (Or Not): How I Failed SoulCycle’s Turn It Up 20

By paraisoadventures

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If you haven’t heard of the indoor spinning mecca of SoulCycle, chances are you’re living a) in a bunker a la Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, or b) in a city SOUL has yet to colonize. Jokes aside, though, SoulCycle is a massively popular, slightly mocked, and highly idolized chain of indoor cycling studios. I also happen to work for them. Here’s how I flopped at their Turn It Up 20 challenge, and then learned it didn’t matter.

The wellness industry is just loving the challenges lately, and consumers are eating it right up. I recently met a girl who proudly told me she only consumes liquids Monday through Thursday, and eats solids on the weekends. Something about a liquidation challenge?? I’ve even opened the fridge in my apartment filled with reasonable and smart young ladies to face rows and rows of beautifully branded juices, ready for a-cleansing. 30 day yoga challenges, 10,000 steps, Paleo for 100 days, etc etc are BOOMING, and we’re all so happy to partake (especially when we can throw a hashtag on it).

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Anyways, Soul’s Turn It Up 20 season rolled around, and I obviously jumped on board. In case you don’t know, it means spinning 20 times in 30 days. I already rode 4 or 5 times a week as is, was always around the studio anyways for work, and was ready to brag about my spinspertise. But for some reason, my “challenge month” completely fell apart. I got a flu that kept me off the bike for the first week, then I got busy, and all in all I very much did NOT spin 20 times in 30 days. I didn’t get to post a celebratory Instagram post for finishing the challenge, and I didn’t get to brag about it either. Though I hate to admit it, there were times throughout the month when I said “I’m not going to hit the 20 rides, so I may as well not ride today”. I worked out significantly less than I usually do, because I was in my head about a challenge.

These challenges work for some people, and I say if it gets you off your couch or your head out of the takeout container, I think it’s a practice well worth it. If a challenge is going to motivate you, then go for it! However, just remember that your TEN DAY JUICE CLEANSE doesn’t mirror your healthiness, and your 10,000 steps a day don’t represent your worth. I’m back to cycling whenever I can, and challenging myself to keep up the good work.   Paraiso Adventures SoulCycle

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