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Probiotics: Your Best Travel Buddy

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When stomach issues arise, reaching for the probiotic yogurt is typically recommended. Not just any yogurt. Probiotic yogurt. The magical ingredient moms often told us about when we were kids,  a living (good) bacteria that would help balance our digestive system. A specific kind of yogurt meant to nourish us well and protect us wisely.

As grown ups, gaining self-awareness, we begin to discover the role that food actually plays in our daily lives. The saying is so very true, we are what we eat. That weird feeling after breakfast. That unusual and unstoppable headache. That tiny swollen feeling after that Venti Latte. And you really can’t explain what on earth is going on because you exercise every day, you don’t smoke, you eat super healthy, having every meal, gluten free, tons of fruit and vegetables and dairy… Oh , dear dairy.

Though avoiding dairy is strongly encouraged, yogurt is still necessary for your organisms to have these probiotics friends, hopefully every day. And if yogurt simply does not agree with you, you can buy them in capsules and have one every morning.

Nina highly recommends always bringing probiotics capsules with you while traveling, such as acidophilus. They will act as a natural way of preventing you from getting sick, keep you strong mentally and physically, and resulting in more time for you to enjoy paradise as you deserve.


After 2 months you will probably start to feel the difference because besides improving your digesting system, the benefits of probiotics in capsule in your body are:

  • Probiotics are bacteria’s, and bacteria’s produce chemicals and some of those are neuro-active, improving your memory and attention.
  • Less anxiety problems
  • Les stress
  • Train the immune system
  • Helps with your digestion
  • Produce vitamin K1
  • Prevent cavities

Healthy and fun ways of eating probiotics is by drinking Kombucha, a fermented tea beverage (usually black or green color), full of benefits and super tasty (and with a tiny bit of alcohol percentage). Kombucha is basically created by a colony of different bacteria’s that give multi benefits related to a boost in your body and libido, digestive system, plus act as a joint care beverage and a super rich antioxidant drink.

Fermented food is another fun way of eating your probiotics, and with almost the same benefits than Kombucha, you can try some Asian recipes such as Kimchi (fermented cabbage), Miso Soup and Tempeh (fermented soybeans).


Paraiso is always trying to help you improve your lifestyle in every aspect. We cover all the bases for your wellness, adventure and corporate retreat travel.  But you are the sole person responsible for your personal wellness, and with these travel tips you can start from your very core. Your gut aka your instincts, also known as your mind/body connection.

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