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Paraiso Live Yoga Event at Bandier New York

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Welcome to our urban retreat, surrounded by positive, inspirational people. In honor of fierce marathon warriors, we have crafted an experience that will set your soul free. We’ve traveled the world meeting people, collecting music and making memories. For one hour we’re bringing all this love back to you right here in New York City. Our exotic travel playlist will transport you to that weekend getaway you’ve been craving. Featuring sounds from all over the world, these tunes are the Friday feels you’re looking for. bandier-fitness-event-3On Saturday, November 19th Coco Teodoro, founder of Cocomotion studio, will be leading an hour long flow, taking you to an experiential oasis far beyond movement, free of convention. Coco’s passionate knowledge of movement and asana will guide you to a space where only flow exists. His positive, playful demeanor welcomes all levels to the mat. It is in this space that your mind can be liberated and your soul driven by instinct and love. Find your natural rhythm and let it propel you to explore deep freedom, openness, and strength. Through a beautifully crafted dynamic Vinyasa flow, Coco encourages students to dance like no one is watching and dive within.14089017_1754872748108288_6766251999883488925_nWe’ve got what this city needs to transition into the weekend with a focused, yet relaxed mind. This class will get to the core of what it means to be a part of a goal oriented, supportive, adventure-loving community. Paraiso Adventures is a top-notch team of travel experts, wellness professionals and boho luxe properties. We host wellness, adventure and corporate retreats around the world, as well as curate travel for film and photo production. Please join in on our fiesta fun! RSVP to 

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